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Professor Emeritus Allan Carswell’s gift to accelerate research in dementia care at York University

On Sept. 17, York University and the Alzheimer Society of York Region announced a joint $2.26-million partnership to research Alzheimer’s and dementia care programs. Funded by the Carswell Family Foundation, the partnership will enable York University to establish the Helen Carswell Chair in Dementia Care; provide funding for graduate research fellowships for master’s and doctoral students at York University; and support a program of evaluation, research and knowledge dissemination that is led by the Chair in Dementia Care, working collaboratively with the Alzheimer Society of York Region.


New research finds pro-white racial bias among minority children

A psychology professor at York University ran two separate studies – one with non-Black minority children in Canada and one with Malay and Chinese children in Southeast Asia – and found pro-white bias in both groups. It is important to understand why and how this is happening, especially since these unconscious preferences are also found in adulthood.