About YFile

YFile is York University’s journal of record and campus newsletter. It is produced by York University’s Communications & Public Affairs Division (C&PA) and distributed by email to more than 7,000 faculty, staff, students and friends of the University. 

YFile’s mandate

YFile’s mandate is to serve York faculty and staff by writing, editing and reporting on institutional news, events, people and trends. YFile supports York University’s goals and objectives by celebrating academic and research excellence, student success, community engagement, teaching and learning.

YFile accomplishes its mandate by embodying the character, the voice and the spirit of its readers. 

YFile is an indispensable source of trusted, relevant, and authoritative news and information for all readers. All material that appears in the publication is researched, written and/or edited by professional journalists on staff in York University’s Communications & Public Affairs Division. 

YFile is also available to an external audience. It is searchable on Google and it has its own embedded search engine. 

YFile contacts  

YFile publication schedule

*As of September 2021, the publication schedule for YFile is as follows: 

  • September to June: YFile publishes three times a week, on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. 
  • July and August: YFile publishes two times a week, on Monday and Thursday. 
  • Special issues: Special issues run on select Fridays, and occasionally appear on other days. 

*The publication schedule is subject to change and will be kept up to date on this page. 

Special issues

YFile publishes several special issues throughout the year. Special sections and special issues in YFile that are published in partnership with York’s Faculties/divisions/units are subject to a rigorous development process. 

Regularly occurring special sections include: “ASPIRE,” which is dedicated to research and innovation at York University; “Innovatus,” which is focused on teaching, learning, internationalization and the student experience at York University; and “New Faces,” which profiles and welcomes new full-time, permanent faculty members to York University every fall. Other special sections and special issues appear throughout the year. 

How to submit a story 

Submissions to YFile can be made using the online story submission form. For a complete set of guidelines on submitting a story, refer to the YFile User Manual. Please keep in mind that late submissions may not be accepted for publication. To avoid disappointment, it is important to review the full YFile User Manual.

How to subscribe to YFile 

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YFile resources 

To help you organize, develop and manage your story requests, and to provide a framework to discuss the proposed story fully with your communications manager, YFile has prepared the following resources:

YFile User Manual – This is a companion guide that outlines YFile’s unique set of rules and conventions for writing, publication and use. Here you will find everything from ad, image and story submission requirements to information on approvals and deadlines, as well as common questions and how to use the archives. View the YFile User Manual here

The York University Writing Style Guide – YFile adheres to the York University Writing Style Guide (the Writing Style Guide), a document approved by the University Senate and the president. The Writing Style Guide closely follows The Canadian Press Stylebook. View the desktop version here and the mobile version here

York University central events calendar – All events included in YFile’s “Upcoming Events” section are pulled directly from the University’s central events calendar. Special requests can be made for events to be highlighted as featured events on the York University homepage to encourage attendance. However, not all featured event requests can be accommodated, as space is limited. To make a request, contact yfile@yorku.ca. Visit the central events calendar here

York University LCD screens – Select YFile stories and University events are highlighted in the York News section of the campus-wide LCD screens. To request LCD screen coverage for your upcoming event, it must first be submitted as an event listing to the York University central events calendar. Contact yfile@yorku.ca with the link to your event listing and a suitable image (500 x 500 pixels). Please note: Not all LCD screen requests can be accommodated as space is limited. 

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