Call for nominations: Ian Greene Award for Teaching Excellence

LAPS teacher interacting with students

The Ian Greene Award for Teaching Excellence is an annual, merit-based award given to one professor and one teaching assistant (TA) in York University’s Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies (LA&PS) who have demonstrated excellence in teaching and supporting their students.

The award was created by former students of Professor Emeritus Ian Greene – from York’s School of Public Policy & Administration – in recognition of his outstanding drive and efforts to make learning a unique experience. The award is overseen and presented by the Student Council of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies (SCOLAPS).

Award nominations are open to LA&PS students only, ensuring that truly outstanding professors and TAs receive the recognition they deserve. Each student is eligible to nominate one professor and one TA of their choice. Nominees do not need to have taught the students this academic year, but they must be current, practising members of the University’s academic staff.

Recipients are selected by a five-person adjudication committee made up entirely of students. The committee is formed by the award director, a student position elected within the SCOLAPS executive.

The deadline for nominations is Friday, May 17. To submit a nomination, students can fill out either the online nomination form or the PDF nomination form.

For more information, email Hale Mahon at