York University’s energy management program helps navigate hot weather sustainably

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In circumstances of extreme weather – such as heat warnings in summer due to soaring temperatures – Facilities Services works hard to ensure the York University community can continue to comfortably learn, teach and work on our campuses, while balancing the University’s commitment to sustainability in its operations.

Unseasonably high temperatures generate unprecedented demand on the provincial energy grid, leading to more energy use, higher emissions, inflated costs and strain on the grid. As a result, York U implemented a peak demand management program in the summer of 2023 – an effort to uphold its commitment to support a sustainable energy system in Ontario. This program, which has been implemented at universities across the province, requires York U to reduce its energy use in alignment with peak demand days to eliminate emissions, save costs and reduce strain on the grid.

Through participation in this program last summer, it is estimated that the University avoided 22,000 tonnes of carbon emissions and saved $3.8 million in energy costs by reducing its energy use by eight megawatts on peak days over the summer months. That is equivalent to taking 24,713 cars off the road or eliminating the consumption of over 34-million litres of gasoline.

“Global warming has forced us to think differently about how we heat and cool our buildings,” says Brad Parkes, assistant vice-president of Facilities Services. “In Facilities Services, we’re constantly looking at the data to see how we can optimize our systems, work with the provincial grid instead of against it and contribute to sustainability and cost savings goals through our operations. The concept of the peak demand management program is simple, but it has real impact that will continue to grow.”

To ensure comfort on York U’s campuses during the program, Facilities Services cools buildings to a lower temperature overnight, with the goal of retaining the cooler air throughout the day when the temperatures are elevated. Those efforts can be extended if community members keep exterior doors, windows and blinds closed to keep the cold air in. For those with workspaces adjacent to a space that has air conditioning, such as a hallway, keeping doors ajar to promote circulation might be helpful. Turning off lights not in use, or using natural light, is another way to help with unnecessary heat generation.

Facilities Services also references the classroom booking information from the Office of the University Registrar to strategically match air conditioning to buildings with occupancy and reduce air conditioning in buildings without occupancy. Special attention has also been given to buildings that require consistent cooling due to equipment, technology and ongoing research.

Community members with concerns or questions about the temperature in their space should get in touch with the Work Control Centre by emailing facilities@yorku.ca or calling 416-736-2100 ext. 22401. Managers should also refer to the Hybrid Work Policy and Hybrid Work Procedure regarding discretion and flexibility to adjust hybrid work agreements as necessary.

Cast your vote: Board of Governors undergraduate student nominee

best of yu, diverse group of students at bench

Following the recent call for undergraduate student nominations to the Board of Governors, two undergraduate student nominees will be running for the position. The candidates and their personal statements be found on the Secretariat website.

All registered students at York University are eligible to vote for their candidate of choice.

Voting opens: Monday, March 25 at 9 a.m.
Voting closes: Friday, March 29 at 5 p.m.

To cast your ballot, visit yuvote.yorku.ca.

Community Safety Week to focus on learning, transparency and collaboration

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From March 18 to 21, York University’s Community Safety Department will be hosting its annual Community Safety Week. Members of the community are invited to participate through a variety of learning opportunities and virtual events.

The four-day long event features an extended safety video developed in partnership with the School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design (AMPD), a new safety learning hub to support greater access to information, and two virtual events to hear from safety leadership, community partners and experts.

The community safety team at York takes a holistic and intersectional approach to safety that reflects the diverse experiences of the University community and highlights the joint responsibility required to ensure safety across York’s multi-campus network.

The week provides an opportunity to share information about the department’s mission, safety services and offerings while meaningfully engaging with the community.

“Through the Security Services Review, we heard that the community is looking for greater transparency and collaboration, so that’s what we’re aiming for with this year’s activities,” said Orville Wallace, executive director of community safety. “There are opportunities for self-paced learning, an exciting video collaboration with AMPD, a virtual Q-and-A session with the community safety team and community partners, and a panel discussion with dynamic leaders and experts. I’m optimistic that we are well positioned to effect significant change and make a meaningful impact on community safety in the months and years ahead.”

Learn more about Community Safety Week’s featured activities below:

New digital resources

The community safety team has worked with internal and external partners to compile a safety learning hub for year-round learning. The new hub features resources from Toronto Community Crisis, Student Counselling, Health Services, Education and Promotions, and more. The hub will continue to be updated regularly as new information becomes available. Visit the learning hub and start learning today.

In addition to the new collection of resources, the department also has a variety of existing resources that support learning and awareness, including reports and statistics on safety incidents, safety tips and information about the York U Safety App.

Extended video with AMPD students

Last year, the department worked with students from AMPD to create a video as part of its commitment to community safety. The video featured information on the “run, hide, defend” method and was intended to build awareness of emergency response procedures. This year, the video has been extended to include guidance on the “shelter in place” protocol, offering additional information to educate the community about what actions they can take to keep themselves and the community safe in the event of an emergency. Watch the extended video in English or in French.

Q-and-A with department leadership and community partners

For an opportunity to engage directly with safety leaders and partners, the department is hosting a virtual Q-and-A session on March 20 from 1 to 2:30 p.m. Wallace will be joined by leaders from the department as well as partners from the community to answer safety- and security-related questions live.

Add the event to your calendar and join.

Panel discussion with community leaders and experts

To foster greater learning and collaboration, the department is bringing together community leaders and experts for a thoughtful discussion about how to adopt and advance a community-centric approach to safety at a post-secondary institution.  

The panel discussion, titled Building Bridges: Advancing a community-centric approach to safety, will take place on Thursday, March 21 from 1 to 2:30 p.m.

Register to attend.

Advancing a community-centric approach to safety through collaboration

Three students walking on York's Keele Campus

This year, York University’s Community Safety Department will be hosting its annual Community Safety Week from March 18 to 21, providing an opportunity to share information about the department’s mission, safety services and offerings while meaningfully engaging with the community about the joint responsibility to ensure safety across York University campuses.

Over the past year, the community safety team has been working to implement the recommendations from the final Security Services Review report. The overarching recommendation, supported by a number of detailed recommended actions, is to transition York away from the current law enforcement model that guides its security services and implement an alternative, community-centric model. To foster greater learning as the University continues this transition, the Community Safety Department is bringing together community leaders and experts for a thoughtful discussion about how to adopt and advance a community-centric approach to safety at a post-secondary institution.  

Join the department for a panel discussion, Building Bridges: Advancing a community-centric approach to safety, on Thursday, March 21 from 1 to 2:30 p.m.

The panel will feature:  

  • David Mitchell, former assistant deputy minister, Youth Justice Division of the Ontario Ministry of Children, Community & Social Services;
  • Devon Jones, founding director of the Youth Association for Academics, Athletics and Character Education; 
  • Louis March, founder of the Zero Gun Violence Movement; and
  • Yukimi Henry, executive director of Community Support & Services at York.

Register to join the informative and engaging discussion. Additional information about activities planned for Community Safety Week will be available in YFile on Monday, March 18.

Call for undergraduate student nominations to the Board of Governors

best of yu, diverse group of students at bench

The Student Senator Caucus (SSC) oversees nominations for student members for the Board of Governors and makes a recommendation to them based upon the election results. The election of student governors rotates annually between undergraduate and graduate/professional students.

The Board of Governors appoints its members. The Student Senator Caucus is responsible for nominating those members, and in practice has done so through an election. This year, the SSC has appointed Ryan Whiston as chief returning officer and Rose Wang as deputy returning officer. Following the election results, SSC will confirm the results and recommend to the board that the candidate with the highest vote total be appointed to the board.

This year, SSC is accepting nominations for undergraduate student nominees. Nominations will be accepted starting Monday, Feb. 26 at 9 a.m. The deadline for nominations is Friday, March 8 at 9 a.m. No late or incomplete forms will be accepted.

For further information, including nomination forms, election rules, regulations and important dates, please visit the Secretariat’s website or contact Elaine MacRae at emacrae@yorku.ca

Bergeron Market certified York’s first gluten-free facility

hands kneeding gluten free dough BANNER

Bergeron Market, located in the Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence, has received a certification endorsed by the National Celiac Association that recognizes it as York University’s only certified gluten-free dining facility.

The certification means that every product available at the market is carefully sourced, prepared and processed to avoid cross-contamination risks associated with gluten. This assurance plays a vital role in promoting healthy eating habits and overall well-being for those who need to follow a gluten-free diet, allowing them the confidence to dine safely.

Dahlia Abou El Hassan
Dahlia Abou El Hassan

“This marks a significant stride towards sustainable nutrition, addressing United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for Good Health and Well-being,” says Dahlia Abou El Hassan, York’s registered dietitian. “This certification of Bergeron not only embraces diversity but also caters to a range of dietary needs, demonstrating the YU Eats commitment to inclusivity and actively supporting the health of our community.”

The availability of gluten-free products at Bergeron Market has significantly expanded over the years, providing a wide range of options to meet diverse dietary needs. From fresh produce and snacks to baked goods and fresh meals, diners have access to a comprehensive selection of gluten-free products right on campus.

“To enhance accessibility to freshly made gluten-free options for the wider community, Bergeron’s team has started to prepare and package gluten-free foods as convenient grab-and-go items. These are now available for sale in cafeterias across the campus” says Tom Watt, director of Food & Vending Services.

Beth Gallagher, a community member with a gluten intolerance, says she is “delighted to have a certified gluten-free food provider on campus – it’s not just a meal, it’s peace of mind. Certification ensures I can enjoy every bite without worry, making campus dining a safer and happier experience. Recognizing the importance of diverse food options, especially for those with allergies, brings inclusivity to the table.”

Come try it for yourself. The market is open Monday to Thursday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m, and Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

York community invited to take dining survey

bowl of colorful food surrounded

As part of its ongoing commitment to enhance the dining experience on campus, York University Food & Vending Services invites all York community members to participate in a York University Dining Survey.

This survey aims to gather insights into community members’ experiences with the campus dining services – including the quality of food, variety of options, services, and overall satisfaction at residence and retail locations operated by YU Eats. Feedback is invaluable in helping understand preferences and areas for improvement.

The survey should take approximately 10 minutes to complete, and thoughtful responses will contribute to positive changes in campus dining experiences.

Upon completion of the survey, participants can enter to win one of five $200 Flex Dollars prizes (students) or one of five $100 Flex Dollars prizes (staff & faculty) to be put on their YU Card.

Those interested in taking the survey can do so by following this link or using the QR code above.

The survey deadline is 11:59 p.m. on Feb. 26.

Holiday closure information for the community


La version française suit la version anglaise. 

Dear York community,

As the holiday season approaches, I would like to remind you of the extended University holiday closure period. York’s campuses will be closed as of Friday, Dec. 22, 2023, through to Tuesday, Jan. 2, 2024, and will re-open on Wednesday, Jan. 3, 2024.  Please note that there are a few exceptions to the reopening date for some Faculties and units.

On behalf of the University, I would also like to take this opportunity to extend sincere gratitude to all of our colleagues who are required to work or provide instruction over the holiday period.

Staff who require building access during the closure period should notify their respective managers, leadership or designates. For those who do not currently have electronic or key access to their building and require access during the holiday closure, please make individual building access arrangements through your managers.

How to obtain keys and access privileges:

  • As most of the buildings at the University have YU-card access, please make every effort to obtain a current YU-card prior to the holidays.
  • Requests for YU-card privileges during the holiday closure period must be submitted by Friday, Dec. 15 to your manager, who will liaise with Doorcard Services (doorcard@yorku.ca).
  • Keys can be obtained by contacting your respective department’s administrative staff, who can submit an order for a physical key via Maximo.
  • If you are using a key for building access, please ensure you also have your office key or YU-card to gain full access to your area.

If you are working alone during the holiday closure, please be aware of the Why Work Alone Program provided by the Community Safety Department. You can request that Security Services check in on you periodically while you are on campus.

Thank you for your continued support and we wish you all a safe and happy holiday.


Carol McAulay
Vice-President, Finance and Administration

Information au sujet de la fermeture pour les fêtes

Chers membres de la communauté de York,

À l’approche de la saison des fêtes, je tiens à vous rappeler la fermeture prolongée de l’Université à cette occasion. Les campus de York seront fermés du vendredi 22 décembre 2023 au mardi 2 janvier 2024 inclusivement; ils rouvriront le mercredi 3 janvier 2024. Veuillez noter qu’il existe quelques exceptions à la date de réouverture pour certaines facultés et unités.

De la part de toute l’Université, nous profitons également de cette occasion pour exprimer notre sincère gratitude à nos collègues qui doivent travailler ou donner des cours pendant la période des fêtes.

Les membres du personnel qui ont besoin d’accéder aux bâtiments pendant la période de fermeture doivent en informer leurs gestionnaires, supérieurs ou personnes désignées. Si vous ne disposez actuellement pas d’un accès électronique ou d’une clé pour votre bâtiment et que vous avez besoin d’y accéder pendant la fermeture des fêtes, nous vous prions de prendre les arrangements nécessaires auprès de vos gestionnaires.

Comment obtenir les clés et les privilèges d’accès

  • Comme la plupart des bâtiments de l’Université sont accessibles avec la carte YU, efforcez-vous d’obtenir une carte YU valide avant les fêtes.
  • Les demandes de privilèges pour les cartes YU pendant la fermeture doivent être soumises avant le vendredi 15 décembre à votre responsable, qui assurera la liaison avec les Services d’accès (doorcard@yorku.ca).
  • Vous pouvez obtenir des clés en contactant le personnel administratif de votre département, qui commandera une clé via Maximo.
  • Si vous utilisez une clé pour accéder à votre bâtiment, assurez-vous d’avoir aussi votre clé de bureau ou votre carte YU pour un accès complet à votre zone.

Si vous travaillez solo pendant la fermeture des fêtes, veuillez consulter le programme Pourquoi travailler seul? offert par le Département de la sécurité communautaire. Vous pouvez demander aux Services de sécurité de prendre périodiquement de vos nouvelles pendant que vous êtes sur les campus.

Je vous remercie pour votre soutien continu et je vous souhaite de passer de bonnes fêtes en toute sécurité.

Sincères salutations,

Carol McAulay
Vice-présidente des finances et de l’administration

Announcing the winners of the 2022 President’s Staff Recognition Awards


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Every year, the York University Staff Recognition Awards are an occasion for the University to come together with President and Vice-Chancellor Rhonda Lenton and honour community members who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to the school’s success and actively advanced our vision, mission and core values.

Rhonda Lenton
Rhonda Lenton

“At York University, our community is our greatest asset,” said Lenton. “These awards acknowledge staff, many of whom work behind the scenes advancing our vision to provide a broad sociodemographic of students with access to a high-quality, research-intensive education, elevating our performance and enhancing our reputation. Whether supporting the development of new programs, our students and their learning experience, our research activities or campus operations to create a safe, inclusive, connected and welcoming environment, each and every one of you exemplify the spirit of excellence and engagement that defines our institution.

“I want to extend my heartfelt congratulations to all the exceptional individuals and teams who have won or been nominated for these prestigious awards, which this year includes the inaugural Excellence in Decolonization, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (DEDI) Award,” she continued.

“Your professionalism, innovation, and dedication have made a tangible mark on York University and will continue to shape a brighter future for us all, and I am thrilled to have this opportunity to celebrate all your remarkable contributions.”

The winners of this year’s Staff Recognition Awards will be honoured at an event at a later date.

This year’s recipients and nominees are:

Deborah Hobson York Citizenship Award

This award recognizes employees who have demonstrated a high level of service to students and who promote York’s spirit in terms of creativity, innovation and redefining the possible in service to the University community.

Deborah Hobson York Citizenship Award Winner: Rosanna Chowdhury
Rosanna Chowdhury (top row, far left); nominators/colleagues; and Priyanka Debnath, chief of staff, Office of the President

Winner: Rosanna Chowdhury, experiential education co-ordinator

The other staff members nominated for this award are:  

  • Jillian Oinonen, coordinator of system development
  • Kayla Lascasas, manager, Student Engagement and Recruitment

Decolonization, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (DEDI) Award

This annual award recognizes the passion, dedication and campus engagement by a team or individual staff member to decolonization, equity, diversity and inclusion at York. The award acknowledges ongoing work or outstanding accomplishments in practice, events, policy, programs, or other activities that foster equitable, sustainable and measurable change on campus, with an intersectional social justice lens, especially for equity-deserving groups (e.g. women, visible/racialized minorities, Indigenous Peoples, persons with disabilities and 2SLGBTQIA+).

Decolonization, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (DEDI) Award Winner: CHREI Education Team
Centre for Human Rights, Equity & Inclusion (CHREI) Education Team: Christine Sinclair (top row, far left), Carolina Ruiz (top row, centre), Lisa Brown (absent, on leave); nominators/colleagues; and Priyanka Debnath, chief of staff, Office of the President

Winner: Centre for Human Rights, Equity & Inclusion (CHREI) Education Team

  • Lisa Brown, strategy and engagement specialist – Black Inclusion (on leave)
  • Carolina Ruiz, senior advisor, DEDI, Education and Communications
  • Christine Sinclair, senior advisor, DEDI, Education and Communications

The other staff members and teams nominated for this award are: 

  • Diane Hector, director, Finance and Budgets Partnerships
  • Michelle Hughes, recruitment and communications coordinator (deceased)
  • Orlene Ellis, graduate program assistant
  • Library Accessibility Services

Gary Brewer Award

This award is presented annually to a non-academic employee of York University who has shown tremendous promise for assuming a leadership role at the University, is known for their innovative and meaningful contributions to the effectiveness of their unit and has significantly contributed to the University’s commitment to excellence. The award recognizes and encourages early-career professionals who have demonstrated significant promise of leadership in their career. 

Gary Brewer Award: Winner Tom Osborne
Tom Osborne (top row, centre); nominators/colleagues; and Priyanka Debnath, chief of staff, Office of the President

Winner: Tom Osborne, assistant director, Academic Scheduling

The other staff members nominated for this award are: 

  • René Saint-André, senior security official, Campus Relations
  • Nicholas Punsammy, training coordinator and administrative floater

Phyllis Clark Campus Service Award

This award is presented annually to a non-academic employee of York University who has made exemplary contributions to the operations of either of York’s campuses in terms of efficiency, cleanliness, safety, security and/or other campus or plant services.   

Phyllis Clark Campus Service Award Winner: Violet Cosby
Violet Cosby (front row, right); nominators/colleagues; and Priyanka Debnath, chief of staff, Office of the President

Winner: Violet Cosby, custodian

The other staff members nominated for this award are: 

  • Diane O’Grady, security official

The President’s Leadership Award

The President’s Leadership Award recognizes contributions that go beyond the published requirements of a position and performance levels that foster a high level of professionalism and usually extend beyond an individual department into the University community at large.

The President’s Leadership Award Winner: Jodi Tavares
Jodi Tavares (top row, centre); nominators/colleagues; and Priyanka Debnath, chief of staff, Office of the President

Winner: Jodi Tavares, executive director, Strategy and Administration

The other staff members nominated for this award are: 

  • Prashanna Kantharasa, security supervisor
  • Debbi Collett, academic resource coordinator
  • Amy Gaukel, senior executive officer, Vice-President Equity, People and Culture
  • Liz McMahan, director, Congress 2023
  • Paul A. Elo, manager, Information Technology
  • Catherine Salole, executive director, Markham Student Services
  • Janet Newton, research agreements manager

Ronald Kent Medal

The medal recognizes the contributions of employees who promote and strengthen collegiality, values and goals of York University.

Ronald Kent Medal Winner: Patricia Cassan
Patricia Cassan (second row, left, centre); nominators/colleagues; and Priyanka Debnath, chief of staff, Office of the President

Winner: Patricia Cassan, administrative coordinator

The other staff members nominated for this award are: 

  • Diana Caradonna, corporate relations specialist
  • Khanh Le, administrative coordinator

Harriet Lewis Team Award for Service Excellence

This award recognizes a team’s excellence in service and support to students, faculty, course directors, staff, and/or other service users and its promotion of the York spirit in terms of imagination, creativity, innovation and redefining the possible in service to York’s community (internal or external).

Harriet Lewis Team Award for Service Excellence Winner: Knowledge Mobilization Unit
Knowledge Mobilization Unit: Michael Johnny (top row, far left), David Phipps (top row, left), Connie Tang (absent), Krista Jensen (absent); nominators/colleagues; and Priyanka Debnath, chief of staff, Office of the President

Winner: The Knowledge Mobilization Unit

  • David Phipps, assistant vice-president, Research Strategy and Impact
  • Michael Johnny, manager, Knowledge Mobilization
  • Krista Jensen, senior knowledge mobilization specialist
  • Connie Tang, director, strategy and business development, Research Impact Canada

The other teams nominated for this award are: 

  • Administrative team for the Department of Languages, Literatures & Linguistics
  • University Information Technology eReports Replacement Implementation team
  • The University Information Technology (UIT) administration team
  • Economics Student Support and Success team
  • The Office of Research Ethics (ORE)

President’s Voice of York Award

The Voice of York Award is given to an individual who is a first line-of-contact person at York University. The most important voice of York is the one who makes the first contact with a visitor or a community member. Compassion and professionalism, particularly in handling difficult or sensitive situations, is essential to our work at York University.

President’s Voice of York Award Winner: Jlenya Sarra-De Meo
Jlenya Sarra-De Meo (top row, left, centre); nominators/colleagues; and Priyanka Debnath, chief of staff, Office of the President

Winner: Jlenya Sarra-DeMeo, graduate program administrator

The other staff members nominated for this award are: 

  • Irina Mikhailyuk, graduate funding and finance analyst

Annonce des lauréats et lauréates des Prix de reconnaissance du personnel de soutien 2022 de la présidente

Rhonda Lenton
Rhonda Lenton

Chaque année, les prix annuels de reconnaissance du personnel de l’Université York sont l’occasion de nous joindre à la présidente et vice-chancelière Rhonda Lenton pour honorer les membres de la communauté qui ont fait preuve d’un engagement exceptionnel en faveur de la réussite de l’Université et qui ont activement fait progresser notre vision, notre mission et nos valeurs fondamentales.

« La communauté de l’Université York est son plus grand atout, a déclaré Mme Lenton. Ces prix récompensent le personnel, dont plusieurs travaillent dans l’ombre pour faire progresser notre vision, qui est d’offrir à un large éventail d’étudiantes et étudiants l’accès à un enseignement de haute qualité axé sur la recherche, d’élever nos performances et d’améliorer notre réputation. Qu’il s’agisse de soutenir le développement de nouveaux programmes, notre communauté étudiante et son expérience d’apprentissage, nos activités de recherche ou les opérations du campus pour créer un environnement sécuritaire, inclusif, connecté et accueillant, chacun et chacune d’entre vous illustre l’esprit d’excellence et d’engagement qui définit notre institution.

Je tiens à féliciter chaleureusement toutes les personnes et équipes exceptionnelles qui ont remporté ou ont été nommées pour ces prix prestigieux, qui comprennent cette année le premier Prix d’excellence en matière de décolonisation, d’équité, de diversité et d’inclusion (DEDI).

Votre professionnalisme, votre sens de l’innovation et votre dévouement ont laissé une marque tangible sur l’Université York et continueront à façonner un avenir meilleur pour nous tous. Je suis ravie d’avoir l’occasion de souligner vos remarquables contributions. »

Les lauréats et lauréates des prix de reconnaissance du personnel de cette année seront honorés lors d’un événement qui aura lieu à une date ultérieure.

Lauréats et lauréates et personnes mises en nomination pour les Prix de reconnaissance du personnel de cette année :

Prix Deborah Hobson du civisme de York

 Ce prix honore les employés qui ont fourni à la population étudiante un service d’excellence, qui promeuvent l’esprit de York sur le plan de la créativité, de l’innovation et qui redéfinissent ce qui est possible en ce qui a trait au service à la communauté universitaire.

Lauréate : Rosanna Chowdhury, coordonnatrice du programme d’éducation expérientielle

Autres membres du personnel mis en nomination pour ce prix :  

  • Jillian Oinonen, coordonnatrice du développement des systèmes
  • Kayla Lascasas, responsable de l’engagement et du recrutement des étudiants

Prix d’excellence en matière de décolonisation, d’équité, de diversité et d’inclusion (DEDI)

Ce prix annuel récompense la passion, le dévouement et l’engagement sur le campus d’une équipe ou d’un membre du personnel en faveur de la décolonisation, de l’équité, de la diversité et de l’inclusion à York. Ce prix récompense les réalisations exceptionnelles dans le cadre de pratiques, d’événements, de politiques, de programmes ou d’autres activités qui favorisent un changement équitable, durable et mesurable sur le campus, dans une optique de justice sociale intersectionnelle, en particulier pour les groupes en quête d’équité tels que les femmes, les minorités visibles/racialisées, les peuples autochtones, les personnes en situation de handicap et les personnes 2ELGBTQIA+.

Lauréate : L’équipe éducative du CHREI

  • Lisa Brown, spécialiste de la stratégie et de l’engagement, inclusion des personnes noires (en congé)
  • Carolina Ruiz, conseillère principale, DEDI, éducation et communication
  • Christine Sinclair, conseillère principale, DEDI, éducation et communication

Autres membres du personnel mis en nomination pour ce prix : 

  • Diane Hector, directrice des partenariats financiers et budgétaires
  • Michelle Hughes, coordonnatrice du recrutement et de la communication (décédée)
  • Orlene Ellis, assistante du programme d’études supérieures
  • Services en accessibilité des bibliothèques

Prix Gary Brewer

 Ce prix est décerné chaque année à un employé ou une employée non académique de l’Université York qui a fait preuve d’un grand potentiel de leadership à l’Université, qui a contribué de façon innovante et positive à l’efficacité de son unité et qui a collaboré de manière importante à l’engagement de l’Université en matière d’excellence. Le prix honore et encourage des professionnels aux débuts de carrière prometteurs sur le plan du leadership. 

Lauréat : Tom Osborne, directeur adjoint, planification académique

Autres membres du personnel mis en nomination pour ce prix : 

  • René Saint-André, responsable principal de la sécurité, relations avec les campus
  • Nicholas Punsammy, coordonnateur de la formation et agent administratif suppléant

Prix Phyllis Clark du service sur les campus

Ce prix est décerné chaque année à un(e) employé(e) non académique de l’Université York qui a contribué de façon exemplaire au fonctionnement de l’un ou l’autre des campus de York sur le plan de l’efficience, de la propreté, de la sécurité, ou d’autres services relatifs aux campus ou aux installations.      

Lauréate : Violet Cosby, concierge

Autres membres du personnel mis en nomination pour ce prix : 

  • Diane O’Grady, responsable de la sécurité

Le prix du leadership de la Présidente

Le Prix du leadership de la Présidente récompense les contributions excédant les exigences officielles d’un poste et les niveaux de performance favorisant un niveau élevé de professionnalisme et rayonnant en général, au-delà d’un département donné, sur l’ensemble de la communauté universitaire.

Lauréate : Jodi Tavares, directrice générale, stratégie et administration

Autres membres du personnel mis en nomination pour ce prix : 

  • Prashanna Kantharasa, superviseur de la sécurité
  • Debbi Collett, coordonnatrice des ressources académiques
  • Amy Gaukel, directrice générale, VP-EPC
  • Liz McMahan, directrice, Congrès 2023
  • Paul A. Elo, directeur, technologie de l’information
  • Catherine Salole, directrice générale, services aux étudiants de Markham
  • Janet Newton, gestionnaire des accords de recherche

Médaille Ronald Kent

Cette médaille récompense les contributions des employés qui promeuvent et renforcent la collégialité, les valeurs et les objectifs de l’Université York.

Lauréate : Patricia Cassan, coordonnatrice administrative

Autres membres du personnel mis en nomination pour ce prix : 

  • Diana Caradonna, spécialiste des relations avec les entreprises
  • Khanh Le, coordinateur administratif

Prix de l’équipe Harriet Lewis pour l’excellence du service

Ce prix honore l’excellence d’une équipe en matière de service et de soutien à la communauté étudiante, au corps enseignant, aux directeurs de cours, au personnel et à tous les utilisateurs de services, et la promotion de l’esprit de York sur le plan de l’imagination, de la créativité, de l’innovation et d’une redéfinition des possibles sur le plan des services déployés pour la communauté de York (internes ou externes).

Lauréate : L’unité de mobilisation des connaissances

  • David Phipps, VPA, Stratégie et impact de la recherche
  • Michael Johnny, gestionnaire, KM
  • Krista Jensen, spécialiste principale de la mobilisation des connaissances
  • Connie Tang, directrice de la stratégie et du développement commercial, Réseau Impact Recherche Canada

Autres équipes mises en nomination pour ce prix : 

  • Équipe administrative du département des langues, des littératures et de la linguistique
  • Équipe de mise en œuvre du remplacement des rapports électroniques, technologies de l’information de l’Université
  • L’équipe d’administration, technologies de l’information de l’université (TIU)
  • Équipe chargée du soutien et de la réussite des étudiants en économie
  • Bureau d’éthique de la recherche (ORE)

Prix Voix de York de la Présidente

Le Prix Voix de York est attribué à une personne-ressource de première ligne à l’Université York. La voix la plus importante à York est en effet celle qui établit le premier contact avec un visiteur ou un membre de la communauté. La compassion et le professionnalisme, particulièrement dans la gestion de situations difficiles ou délicates, sont essentiels pour notre travail.

Lauréate : Jlenya Sarra-DeMeo, administratrice du programme d’études supérieures

Autres membres du personnel mis en nomination pour ce prix : 

  • Irina Mikhailyuk, analyste, financement des études supérieures et finances