Welcoming YU Back to campus

Bergeron Centre with the words Welcoming YU Back

Bergeron Centre with the words Welcoming YU BackSharing information with the York University community is vital in the lead up to the safe return to our campuses. This special issue is one of the many ways we are sharing what we know about “what YU can expect this fall.”

Parissa Safai
Parissa Safai

The point of departure for all of York’s return-to-campus planning efforts is the guidance we receive from the provincial government and from Toronto Public Health. Just recently, the Ministry of Colleges and Universities (MCU) provided all colleges and universities in Ontario with their expectations for Fall 2021 and we are pleased to have received these initial parameters and guidance. On July 20, we shared an update with the community on what this means for York. We are buoyed by the opportunity to further safely enhance the on-campus and in-person experience for students, staff, faculty, instructors and guests this fall.

The University continues to prepare for a mix of in-person and remote learning options in September, as planned. We continue to actively plan for a safe return to our campuses by creating the conditions that will allow our community to return with confidence.

This special issue will expand on the initiatives and activities that are being put in place to keep our University community safe. I hope that you enjoy these pieces and that they give you a greater sense of the work being done to prepare for a return to campus life. Another summer issue will be coming up and in the meantime, please continue to follow the Better Together website and look our for the weekly Wellness Wednesday Return to Campus Special Issue.

Parissa Safai
Special Advisor to the President for Academic Continuity Planning and COVID-19 Response

Featured in this issue of Welcoming ‘YU’ Back

What YU can expect this fall

As the fall term approaches, the University’s COVID-19 Planning and Response team continues to closely follow the latest guidance from public health authorities and will work with leaders from across York to create the conditions that will allow the community to return to campus with confidence.

A Q-and-A with Humaira Pirooz, director of Health, Safety & Employee Well-Being

Humaira Pirooz, director of Health, Safety & Employee Well-Being, answers questions related to plans for this fall and the safe return to work on York University’s campuses.

Do you have questions about the return to campus?

A new feature added to the Better Together website gives the community a way to receive answers to questions on research, student services, parking and a range of other topics.

Share your vaccine selfie and story on Roll Up Your Sleeve YU

Roll Up Your Sleeve YU is a social campaign featuring York community members who are interested in sharing their vaccine stories. The campaign will run over the summer months and into the early fall.

An overview of upgrades to the University’s ventilation systems in office spaces and classrooms

Stewart Dankner, the University’s director of property management in Facilities Services, answers questions about the work underway to update air filtration and ventilation systems to protect the health and safety of students, faculty, instructors and staff.