Share your vaccine selfie and story on Roll Up Your Sleeve YU

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

Over the summer months, as Canadians and York community members have become eligible to receive their COVID-19 vaccines, it’s important to keep up the momentum. Vaccines play an important role in protecting ourselves and those around us, to bring us back together safely.

Roll Up Your Sleeve YU is a social campaign featuring York community members who are interested in sharing their vaccine stories. The campaign will run over the summer months and into the early fall. Photos submitted by those choosing to participate can be featured on the home page of York University’s Better Together website under #YUBetterTogether: Why I Rolled Up My Sleeve and on York’s Twitter and Instagram channels. Each photo will appear in a graphic template along with a short quote, if participants opt to provide one.

Roll up your sleeve campaign adIf you would like to join in, simply upload your vaccine selfie photo using the web form available at After you have uploaded your selfie, select one of the reasons why you got your shot, or write you own. For inspiration, you can watch this short video on YouTube that features some well-known Canadians who have shared their vaccine stories. The This Is Our Shot campaign also features a number of vaccine stories from Canadians at pop-up clinics and sites around the province, and the Faster Together campaign outlines a number of reasons why vaccines are important.

For ongoing updates related to the pandemic, continue to visit the Better Together website, your connection to York’s safe return to campus this fall.