Incoming students at McLaughlin College to participate in matriculation ceremony and common read

Students beginning their first year of studies at York University who are affiliated with McLaughlin College have two new events to look forward to in September: a matriculation ceremony and a common read.

The matriculation ceremony will solemnly welcome students to the college by asking them to write their names into the history of the college; the summer common read, which is already underway, is the first reading assignment students are invited to do as part of their university education. All incoming students at the college have been asked to read How to Succeed at University (and get a great job): Mastering the Critical Skills You Need for School, Work and Life, written by York University professors Thomas R. Klassen and John A. Dwyer. This well-known and highly acclaimed instructional book has been made available electronically free of charge to all students.

“We are undertaking a number of new initiatives at McLaughlin College to enhance our new students’ all-important first year experience,” said Professor James C. Simeon, head of McLaughlin College. “The college matriculation and common read are two proven high-impact post-secondary education practices followed by many colleges in North America and the rest of the world. We want all of our first-year students to not only be warmly welcomed when they first arrive at their college and York University, but to feel that they are very much a full member of our college community and our wider York University community.”

Simeon commended faculty members, including Klassen, for devoting their time to help first-year students make a smooth and successful transition to university.

Thomas Klassen

“Adjusting to the expectations, demands and rigours of university studies is never easy for a new student regardless of background or previous academic pursuit, whether at high school, community college, or other preparatory or transitional programs, in particular for our international students but also our mature students,” said Simeon. “Having such dedicated, devoted and active college Fellows such as Professor Klassen investing in the success of first-year students is what McLaughlin College is all about. Our students’ success is our success.”

Klassen is a longtime Fellow of McLaughlin College, a founding member of the School of Public Policy & Administration, and a noted authority on tertiary education and high-impact strategies for student learning, growth and development.

“I am looking forward to meeting with incoming McLaughlin College students on Sept. 4 and discussing how the insights from our book will help them throughout their first academic year to earn the best grades possible,” said Klassen.

The college will be holding more workshops based on their summer common read in October and in January and February of 2020.

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