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28.07.2014 in York in the Media

Banks tackle cybercrime

“Payment systems, for example, that either already exist or may be developed in the future could provide alternatives for consumers to the banks [if trust were to be compromised],” said Gordon Roberts, professor of finance at York University’s Schulich School of Business, in Investment Executive.

23.07.2014 in York in the Media

That’s history: Marriage laws have long evolved to respect personal choice

“It’s easy to forget that the prohibition on same-sex marriage is only the most recent legal impediment to marriage to have fallen,” wrote Osgoode Hall Law School Professor Philip Girard in Law Times.

21.07.2014 in York in the Media

Police must allow hospitalized drunk drivers the right to seek counsel: Supreme Court rules

“This is a really good example of the court saying, ‘This is one right where we won’t allow the police to be sloppy or play games,’ ” said Osgoode Hall Law School Professor Ben Berger in The Globe and Mail.

16.07.2014 in York in the Media

Twitter account tracks anonymous Wiki edits from House of Commons addresses

Nick Ruest, a York University digital assets librarian, tailored the program to pick up changes from the House of Commons, the Department of National Defence and Industry Canada. “It’s a way to empower the citizenry to see what’s going on,” said Ruest in the Toronto Star.

14.07.2014 in York in the Media

Biologist says promoting diversity is key to ‘keeping the bees’

York University biology Professor Laurence Packer has spent his career studying bees, and he believes we’ll be better off if we rely less on honeybees and managed hives for pollination and more on some of the 20,000 species of wild bees, reported Northwest Public Radio.

09.07.2014 in York in the Media

Teacher killed in North York shooting remembered as ‘good’ man

Described by loved ones and colleagues as a humble man whose long-time passion was teaching, Abshir Hassan…earned a bachelor of arts from York University in 2008. He went on to complete his bachelor of education at York in 2011 and took an introductory course in special education, reported the Toronto Star July 8.

07.07.2014 in York in the Media

Rob Ford is back, but has the city reached a ‘plateau of unhappiness’?

“There’s a difference . . . when people who are not political, but perhaps are civically engaged, step up, that does point towards a level of unhappiness that may be new,” said York University Professor Dennis Pilon in CBC News.

02.07.2014 in York in the Media

Dangers of off-label drug use kept secret

“The job of the health regulator is to protect public health,” said York University Professor Joel Lexchin in the Toronto Star. “If they’re withholding information that could do that, then they’re abdicating part of their job.”

24.06.2014 in York in the Media

The next step for Ontario’s energy mix

“The central issue facing Ontario’s electricity system is whether to attempt to refurbish the Bruce and Darlington nuclear power plants,” co-wrote York University Professor Mark Winfield in the Ottawa Citizen.

23.06.2014 in York in the Media

Espousing equality, but embracing a hierarchy

A recently published paper by Justin Friesen of York University, Aaron C. Kay of the Fuqua School of Business at Duke, Richard Eibach of the University of Waterloo and Adam Galinsky of the Columbia Business School, suggests that hierarchies are a form of structure that we embrace for comfort in a chaotic world, reported The New York Times.

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