26.09.2016 in Research

Research shows how brain differentiates similar memories

New research out of York University is the first to provide direct evidence of how similar memories with overlapping details are differentiated by the human brain.

25.09.2016 in Research

York employees sought for a study on exercise and mindfulness

A new study study exploring the role of mindfulness and exercise in improving employee health is seeking participants. Participants will take part in a supervised walking and/or walking and meditation program.

21.09.2016 in Research

Concussion research shows lasting brain damage in elite-level athletes

New research out of York University reports that young elite-level athletes who have suffered a concussion may have lingering neurological consequences that affect their movement control.

20.09.2016 in Research

New low-cost technique helps dentists quickly detect early tooth decay

Lassonde professor Nima Tabatabaei’s paper, recently published in the Journal of Biomedical Optics, presents a new low-cost imaging device for early detection of tooth cavities.

04.07.2016 in Research

Researchers discover that fruit flies adjust to sudden drops in temperature

While fruit flies may seem simple, these common visitors to the fruit bowl can drastically alter their gene expression and metabolism to respond to temperature changes in their environment. The finding is important because understanding how insects tolerate changes in temperature is a crucial step in protecting and controlling insects worldwide.

27.06.2016 in Research

York profs on research team granted $2 million to study seniors

Two York University professors, Tamara Daly and Pat Armstrong, are on a team of researchers from across Canada that received $2 million to study quality of life of seniors living in residential long-term care settings, their caregivers and supporters.

21.06.2016 in Research

York research finds possible cause for poor response to treatment in obese breast cancer patients

Researchers were successful in identifying possible factors that cause obese breast cancer patients to be worse off than lean patients. The research also points to exercise, which has none of the harmful side effects that are associated with many cancer drugs, as being a potentially beneficial therapy for obese breast cancer patients.

08.06.2016 in Research

Tom McElroy receives Patterson Distinguished Service Medal

Lassonde Professor Tom McElroy has received the 2015 Patterson Distinguished Service Medal, awarded in a ceremony on May 31 at the annual Canadian Meteorological and Oceonographic Society congress meeting in Fredericton, NB. The medal recognizes outstanding work in meteorology by a Canadian.

01.06.2016 in Research

Study finds legal problems cost Canadians billions and take a toll on health

A national not-for-profit affiliated with York University’s Osgoode Hall Law School has found that legal problems cost Canadians billions and also affect their health and wellbeing. The study found that within a three-year period, almost half of Canadian adults experience at least one civil or family justice problem that they consider serious.

30.05.2016 in Research

York professor and postdoc present big data research at Parliament Hill

Faculty of Science Professor Jianhong Wu and Postdoctoral Fellow Yawen Xu participated in the Research Matters Parliament Hill Pop-Up Research Park, which took place May 18. They presented information on their project, which uses data to build predictive models for informing behaviour changes that can lead improved wellness.

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