16.05.2016 in Research

York U study reports prolonged concussion recovery in youth

A new study out of York U reports that children and youth take longer than previously thought to fully recover from a concussion. Lauren Sergio, professor in the Faculty of Health, said full recovery could take up to two years.

29.04.2016 in Research

Ministry grant aims to create new Ontario climate change projections

Huaiping Zhu, professor in the Department of Mathematics & Statistics, Faculty of Science, and his team have received a grant from the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change to improve climate risk assessments in the province.

19.04.2016 in Research

Research out of York U creates new model for errors in visual response

New findings out of York University show that during a visual task, errors accumulate during a memory delay with more errors arising in the transition from memory to action. The study was published April 16 in the online journal eNeuro.

15.04.2016 in Research

Office of Vice-President Research & Innovation launches new website to showcase York Research

The new website features stories about researchers, research impact and discoveries, biographies of York researchers who are Fellows of the Royal Society of Canada, Canada Research Chairs and York Research Chairs, upcoming events, information about research centres and institutes and much more.

06.04.2016 in Research

communityBUILD launches the Social Venture Pipeline accelerator program for social entrepreneurs

The new Social Venture Pipeline initiative is now accepting applications to join the program, which begins in May 2016. The initiative helps budding social entrepreneurs in York Region build their social venture ideas into companies.

04.04.2016 in Research

Research at York U earns doctoral student 2015 Paper of the Year award from American Journal of Physiology

Anna Vainshtein, a 2014 PhD graduate of York University, earned The American Journal of Physiology’s 2015 Paper of the Year award. Vainshtein researched cellular and molecular components that lead to exercise-mediated health benefits during her doctoral studies at York University.

03.04.2016 in Research

VP Research & Innovation reports to the York community on the PIER consultation draft

Vice-President Research & Innovation Robert Hache recently hosted an open forum discussion to report on the consultation draft of York University’s Plan for the Intensification and Enhancement of Research (PIER) and to hear feedback.

16.03.2016 in Research

Innovation York hosts industry-academic networking event

The industry-academic networking event took place March 10 and is part of a series of networking opportunities that are organized bi-annually by Innovation York to help foster research partnerships. More than 90 attendees participated. The event has already resulted in the successful brokering of research collaborations.

13.03.2016 in Research

Professor receives award from Canadian Society for Chemistry

The Canadian Society for Chemistry has honoured Michael Organ, professor in the Department of Chemistry, with the 2016 R.U. Lemieux Award. The award is presented to an organic chemist who has made a distinguished contribution to the field and is currently working in Canada.

01.03.2016 in Research

York study finds evidence for two systems of gravity perception

York U researchers in the Centre for Vision Research studying questions of how gravity perception works have found new evidence to suggest that this basic sensory process may be more complex than previously thought.

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