Event parking rates to be implemented this summer

Keele Campus York Blvd entrance

Event parking rates will be implemented for an upcoming concert series at The Bowl at Sobeys Stadium throughout this summer and early fall, impacting various lots on York University’s Keele Campus.

The first three concert dates have been released: Thursday, June 27; Saturday, June 29; and Saturday, July 6.

An event parking flat rate of $20 will be offered on those dates, starting one hour prior to the stadium doors opening, in the following lots:

  • Calumet Lot
  • Northwest Gate South and North Lots
  • Northwest Gate Middle Lot (weekdays after 4:30 p.m.)
  • Founders Road West Lot
  • Founders Road East Lot
  • York Boulevard Lot
  • Arboretum Lane Parking Garage
  • Student Services Parking Garage

Permit holders will continue to have access to their lots during these times; however, available parking spots might be limited. There will be no daily parking available in the Shoreham Drive Lot after 4:30 p.m. on concert days, and the south entrance of the Shoreham Drive Lot will be closed.

For more information about parking at York University, visit the Parking Services website.

York University’s energy management program helps navigate hot weather sustainably

blue electric fan

In circumstances of extreme weather – such as heat warnings in summer due to soaring temperatures – Facilities Services works hard to ensure the York University community can continue to comfortably learn, teach and work on our campuses, while balancing the University’s commitment to sustainability in its operations.

Unseasonably high temperatures generate unprecedented demand on the provincial energy grid, leading to more energy use, higher emissions, inflated costs and strain on the grid. As a result, York U implemented a peak demand management program in the summer of 2023 – an effort to uphold its commitment to support a sustainable energy system in Ontario. This program, which has been implemented at universities across the province, requires York U to reduce its energy use in alignment with peak demand days to eliminate emissions, save costs and reduce strain on the grid.

Through participation in this program last summer, it is estimated that the University avoided 22,000 tonnes of carbon emissions and saved $3.8 million in energy costs by reducing its energy use by eight megawatts on peak days over the summer months. That is equivalent to taking 24,713 cars off the road or eliminating the consumption of over 34-million litres of gasoline.

“Global warming has forced us to think differently about how we heat and cool our buildings,” says Brad Parkes, assistant vice-president of Facilities Services. “In Facilities Services, we’re constantly looking at the data to see how we can optimize our systems, work with the provincial grid instead of against it and contribute to sustainability and cost savings goals through our operations. The concept of the peak demand management program is simple, but it has real impact that will continue to grow.”

To ensure comfort on York U’s campuses during the program, Facilities Services cools buildings to a lower temperature overnight, with the goal of retaining the cooler air throughout the day when the temperatures are elevated. Those efforts can be extended if community members keep exterior doors, windows and blinds closed to keep the cold air in. For those with workspaces adjacent to a space that has air conditioning, such as a hallway, keeping doors ajar to promote circulation might be helpful. Turning off lights not in use, or using natural light, is another way to help with unnecessary heat generation.

Facilities Services also references the classroom booking information from the Office of the University Registrar to strategically match air conditioning to buildings with occupancy and reduce air conditioning in buildings without occupancy. Special attention has also been given to buildings that require consistent cooling due to equipment, technology and ongoing research.

Community members with concerns or questions about the temperature in their space should get in touch with the Work Control Centre by emailing facilities@yorku.ca or calling 416-736-2100 ext. 22401. Managers should also refer to the Hybrid Work Policy and Hybrid Work Procedure regarding discretion and flexibility to adjust hybrid work agreements as necessary.

Toolkit helps celebrate latest THE Impact Rankings

THE 2024 General_YFile Story

As shared by News@York, as well as President and Vice-Chancellor Rhonda Lenton, York University has jumped five spots to 35th in world in this year’s 2024 THE Impact Rankings, and a comprehensive toolkit is now available to help the community share and celebrate the news.

THE Impact Rankings assess universities around the world against the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) in research, stewardship, outreach and teaching, and stand as an important indicator of post-secondary leadership.

Notably this year, York’s overall ranking increased despite stiffer competition than last year, with about 2,100 participating universities – approximately 300 more universities than previously. York also shot up 19 spots for No Poverty (UN SDG 1) to number two in the world and number one in Canada, and ranked first in Canada for Reduced Inequalities (UN SDG 10).

“This is a University-wide achievement by our students, staff and faculty to demonstrably make a positive impact to the Sustainable Development Goals through research, teaching, creativity and innovation,” noted Lenton.

As the rankings are a result of the work done by those throughout the University, community members are encouraged to update their email signatures with the latest rankings. They can do so by visiting the comprehensive THE Impact Rankings Toolkit, which – in addition to instructions for updating email signatures – provides guidelines for other ways the York community can celebrate the latest ranking news.

Watch the June 10 town hall, presentation

Laptop with York U webpage

Students, faculty, instructors, course directors and staff at York University were invited to a virtual town hall on June 10, which featured a slide show presentation.

At the town hall, the multi-year budget, approved by the Board of Governors, was shared. The town hall focused on how the community can work together to advance York’s academic plan in a financially sustainable manner.

Following the presentation, questions and comments from the community were addressed.

The full town hall video and slide show presentation are now available to the York U community.

Additional questions can be sent to communityconversations@yorku.ca.

Schulich ExecEd partnership to empower future leaders

Youth leaders

York University’s Schulich ExecEd is partnering with Skills/Compétences Canada (SCC), an organization dedicated to enhancing the involvement of youth and their communities in skilled trade and technology careers, to provide leadership training for the next generation of workers.

As part of the collaboration, Schulich ExecEd served as an education sponsor for this year’s Skills Canada National Competition, a multi-trade and technology competition for students and apprentices, which was held in Quebec City last month. Schulich ExecEd also served as the official 2024 training partner of the Skills Canada National Alumni Committee, comprised of 13 youth leaders from across Canada who will receive critical training in the areas of strategic communications, business case development and coaching.

“We take pride in our collaboration with Skills/Compétences Canada, serving as a sponsor and the official training partner of the National Alumni Committee for 2024,” says Rami Mayer, executive director of Schulich ExecEd. “The programming provided goes beyond theoretical knowledge, focusing on cultivating leadership skills crucial for empowering the next generation of youth.”

In an effort to bridge the gap between trade expertise and business acumen, Schulich ExecEd endeavours to equip future leaders with essential business skills such as management, leadership, finance, communications, data analytics and more. Through accelerated programming, Schulich ExecEd will provide tools to help ignite an entrepreneurial spirit, cultivate a resilient workforce and empower trades professionals to achieve desired growth levels in their respective fields.

“In today’s dynamic business landscape, young professionals are faced with multifaceted challenges that demand a comprehensive skill set,” says Mayer. “Through this meaningful partnership, we aim to empower these talented youth members with the business acumen necessary to navigate the complexities of tomorrow’s job market.”

York University rises to top 35 globally in Times Higher Education Impact Rankings

THE 2024 General_YFile Story

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Dear colleagues,

York University has risen an impressive five spots to be among the top 35 institutions in the world for advancing the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), according to this year’s Times Higher Education Impact Rankings, published today.

This is a testament to the growing recognition for York’s global leadership on the SDG Challenge and has been made possible by our community of changemakers – faculty, staff, students, course directors, alumni and our many partners. It is your commitment to our shared values of sustainability, inclusivity and equity that has enabled us to achieve our highest ranking yet.

On behalf of the University, thank you for your individual contributions and collective efforts in interdisciplinary research, teaching, and a myriad of campus initiatives and community projects, which have led to this success.

With an additional 300+ universities joining the rankings this year, York has continued to hold its leading position among more than 2,100+ universities worldwide for the sixth consecutive year. York has a particularly strong global standing in the following categories: 

  • SDG 1 (No Poverty) – #2 in the world and #1 in Canada;
  • SDG 10 (Reduced Inequalities) – 33rd in the world and #1 in Canada; and
  • SDG 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities) – tied for 13th in the world.

This is an achievement we all share and one that the entire York community can take great pride in. We are delighted to see the community united by our common goals: to realize the University Academic Plan 2020-25 and to answer the call of the SDG Challenge.

When we work together to create positive change there is no limit on York’s ability to address the most pressing global issues of our time. Read the News@York story for more details.


Rhonda Lenton
President & Vice-Chancellor

Lisa Philipps
Provost & Vice-President Academic

Amir Asif
Vice-President Research & Innovation

Those who wish to share the news in social media posts or email signatures can find instructions on how to do so in the THE Impact Rankings Toolkit.

L’Université York se hisse parmi les 35 premiers rangs du palmarès Times Higher Education Impact

THE 2024 General_YFile Story

Chers collègues, chères collègues,

L’Université York a fait un bond impressionnant de cinq places pour figurer parmi les 35 meilleurs établissements au monde pour la promotion des 17 objectifs de développement durable (ODD) des Nations Unies, selon le palmarès Times Higher Education Impact de cette année, publié aujourd’hui.

Ces résultats témoignent de la reconnaissance croissante du leadership mondial de York dans le domaine des ODD. Ils ont été rendus possibles grâce aux efforts de tous nos artisans du changement : membres du corps professoral et enseignant, du personnel, de la population étudiante et de la communauté des diplômés ainsi que nos nombreux partenaires. C’est votre engagement en faveur de nos valeurs communes de durabilité, d’inclusion et d’équité qui nous a permis d’obtenir notre meilleur classement à ce jour.

Au nom de l’Université, nous vous remercions pour vos contributions individuelles et vos efforts collectifs dans la recherche interdisciplinaire, l’enseignement et une myriade d’initiatives sur le campus et de projets communautaires, qui ont conduit à ce succès.

Avec plus de 300 universités supplémentaires ayant rejoint le classement cette année, York a conservé sa position de leader parmi plus de 2 100 universités dans le monde pour la sixième année consécutive. York est particulièrement bien placée au niveau mondial dans les catégories suivantes : 

  • ODD 1 (Pas de pauvreté) – n° 2 dans le monde et n° 1 au Canada
  • ODD 10 (Réduction des inégalités) – no 33 dans le monde et no 1 au Canada
  • ODD 11 (Villes et communautés durables) – no 13 dans le monde, ex æquo

Toute la communauté de York peut s’enorgueillir de ce succès. Nous nous réjouissons de voir la communauté unie pour réaliser ensemble le Plan académique de l’Université 2020-2025 et relever le défi des ODD.

En travaillant de concert pour susciter des changements positifs, nous permettons à York de s’attaquer aux problèmes mondiaux les plus pressants de notre époque. Lisez l’article de News@York pour plus de détails.

Sincères salutations,

Rhonda Lenton
Présidente et vice-chancelière

Lisa Philipps
Rectrice et vice-présidente aux affaires académiques

Amir Asif
Vice-président de la recherche et de l’innovation

Ceux qui souhaitent partager l’actualité dans des publications sur les réseaux sociaux ou dans des signatures électroniques peuvent trouver des instructions sur la façon de le faire dans la boîte à outils THE Impact Rankings toolkit.

New required training for all York U staff, faculty and instructors

An American road sign with a sky background and word Training, Training this way

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York University is launching a new online training module called Slips, Trips and Falls Prevention, available June 10 on YU Learn.

Slips, trips and falls are among the most common causes of injuries reported at the University. This training aims to prevent workplace injuries using a series of lessons and knowledge checks to review how to identify and eliminate hazards, how to report and correct unsafe conditions, and how to respond to a slip, trip or fall incident.

This concise, self-paced module will be offered online via YU Learn and is required training for all staff, faculty and instructors at York University. This training is mandatory and all employees must complete the training before Oct. 1.

To access the training module, employees must register on YU Learn using their Passport York credentials. Select “Register” and then click the “Access Course” button. The course will then remain on the YU Learn dashboard until successfully completed. Upon completion, the course will be listed with the date completed in the Required Courses section of the My Learning History tab (accessible via the YU Learn dashboard). 

For more information or assistance with the training, employees should reach out to their manager or academic administrator, or email hslearn@yorku.ca.

Nouveau formation obligatoire pour l’ensemble des membres du personnel et des corps professoral et enseignant

An American road sign with a sky background and word Training, Training this way

L’Université York est heureuse d’annoncer un nouveau module de formation en ligne sur la prévention des glissades, des faux pas et des chutes, disponible le 10 juin dans YU Learn

Les glissades, les faux pas et les chutes sont parmi les causes les plus courantes de blessures signalées à l’Université. Cette formation vise à prévenir les accidents du travail à l’aide d’une série de leçons et de contrôles des connaissances afin d’apprendre à définir et éliminer les dangers, à signaler et corriger les conditions dangereuses et à réagir en cas de glissade, de faux pas ou de chute. 

Ce module concis à faire à votre rythme sera proposé en ligne dans YU Learn et constitue une formation obligatoire pour l’ensemble du personnel et des corps professoral et enseignant de l’Université York.   

Tout le monde doit l’avoir suivie avant le 1er octobre.  

Pour accéder au module de formation, veuillez vous inscrire à l’aide de vos identifiants Passport York à : yulearn.yorku.ca/local/yulearn/learning_opportunity.php?id=1110

Sélectionnez Register, puis cliquez sur le bouton Access course. Le cours restera sur votre tableau de bord YU Learn jusqu’à son achèvement. Une fois terminé, le cours sera répertorié avec la date d’achèvement dans la section Required Courses de votre onglet My Learning History (accessible sur votre tableau de bord YU Learn). 

Si vous rencontrez des difficultés pour accéder à la formation ou si vous avez des questions, n’hésitez pas à contacter votre gestionnaire, votre gestionnaire des affaires académiques, ou hslearn@yorku.ca

Nous nous réjouissons de vous offrir cette nouvelle occasion d’apprentissage et vous remercions par avance de votre participation.

Pest control treatments scheduled for June 14 to 16

Aerial view of York Keele campus summer

Pest control applications at the Keele and Glendon campuses for Food Services-contracted areas will begin on Friday, June 14 at 5 p.m. and end on Sunday, June 16 at 5 p.m.

Work is undertaken using accepted practices and approved materials by Professional PCO Services, which holds an Eco Green Ergonomic Extermination certificate from the Ministry of the Environment. A work permit has been submitted and approved by York University’s Health, Safety & Employee Well-Being office.

Monitoring and treatment of component applications will be carried out in the Food Services locations listed below:

LocationCampusBuilding Name
Glendon Campus Marché CafeteriaGlendon CampusYork Hall
Glendon Campus Tim HortonsGlendon CampusYork Hall, A Wing
Bergeron MarketKeele CampusBergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence
Central Square CafeteriaKeele CampusCentral Square
Central Square Tim HortonsKeele CampusCentral Square
Central Square Booster JuiceKeele CampusCentral Square
Central Square Pizza PizzaKeele CampusCentral Square
Central Square StarbucksKeele CampusCentral Square
Central Square SubwayKeele CampusCentral Square
Centre for Film & Theatre StarbucksKeele CampusCentre for Film & Theatre
Dahdaleh CafeteriaKeele CampusVictor Phillip Dahdaleh Building
Dahdaleh Tim HortonsKeele CampusVictor Phillip Dahdaleh Building
Lassonde Palgong TeaKeele CampusLassonde Building
Osgoode Hall BistroKeele CampusIgnat Kaneff Building, Osgooge Hall
Stong College Orange SnailKeele CampusStong College
Stong College CafeteriaKeele CampusStong College
William Small Centre Tim HortonsKeele CampusWilliam Small Centre
Winters College Country StyleKeele CampusWinters College
Winters College CafeteriaKeele CampusWinters College
Grad LoungeKeele CampusRoss Building
PodKeele CampusCurtis Lecture Halls

For further information, contact John Leva, manager of grounds, fleet and waste management, Facilities Services, at jleva@yorku.ca; or Tom Watt, director of food services, Ancillary Services, at watttm@yorku.ca.