Creative writing feedback available from writer-in-residence

female student journalist writing

No matter your profession, creative writing is a healthy way to disconnect from reality, stretch the limits of your mind and tap into your imaginative side. And regardless of your experience level, feedback is always beneficial. As part of the York University English Department’s Writer-in-Residence Program, esteemed Toronto author Emma Healey is offering appointments to York students, faculty, staff and alumni to discuss their fiction, poetry and creative non-fiction projects.

Emma Healey
Emma Healey

The Writer-in-Residence Program is aimed at supplementing the University’s creative writing courses by providing the community with access to a professional writer for personalized feedback and support, with a new individual being brought on each fall and winter term.

As the Winter 2024 writer-in-residence, Healey – whose most recent book, Best Young Woman Job Book: A Memoir (Penguin Random House Canada, 2022), was named a best book of the year by the Globe and Mail, Wired Magazine and CBC Radio – is available for four one-on-one manuscript consultations per week that might include editorial feedback or suggestions toward publication. Written submissions for review are due to her at least 10 days prior to each scheduled meeting.

In addition to the feedback sessions, Healey will serve the York community by hosting four public-facing, writing-related events throughout the term that allow her to showcase her expertise and knowledge as a working writer in Canada. Information about those events will be released as it becomes available.

For more details or to secure an appointment with Healey, visit the Writer-in-Residence Program web page.

Schulich receives $1M commitment for Centre for Customer Centricity

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York University’s Schulich School of Business has received a new $1-million commitment from in support of the school’s Centre for Customer Centricity, a hub for the creation, application and dissemination of knowledge related to making organizations customer-centric.

Schulich’s Centre for Customer Centricity, which assists organizations in implementing a customer-centric management philosophy and culture, was established in 2019 thanks to an initial $1-million gift from, a leading manufacturer of information technology (IT) connectivity products. The centre also provides organizations with customized consulting projects involving extensive industry, competitor and customer analysis, followed by insights and practical recommendations.  

The consulting projects are carried out annually by teams of master of business administration (MBA) students from Schulich, who are coached and guided by Professor Ajay Sirsi, the centre’s director and an associate professor of marketing at Schulich.

“We’re very excited about the continued support provided by Paul Seed ( chief executive officer and owner) and for this unique centre,” says Schulich Dean Detlev Zwick. “The Centre for Customer Centricity is providing invaluable, real-world learning for our Schulich MBA students as they help companies solve complex problems, boost their bottom line and grow their customer base.”

Since its inception, the centre has provided 225 MBA students with experiential learning opportunities that have benefited 30 companies.

“I am grateful for the trust Paul Seed has put in me and the Schulich School of Business to honour his desire to share with companies and MBA students the customer-centric thinking that has made a leader in IT connectivity accessories,” says Sirsi. “The only centre of its kind in the world, the Centre for Customer Centricity will continue inspiring students and guiding organizations wanting to put the customer at the heart of their decision-making.”

Companies or organizations interested in participating in a consulting project with the Centre for Customer Centricity can contact Sirsi at For more information on the centre, visit

How to make or process year-end donations in time for 2023 tax receipt

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The year is quickly coming to a close, and hundreds of faculty, staff and retirees have already made their 2023 donation to York University. The Division of Advancement thanks those who have chosen to create positive change at York this year.

For faculty and staff receiving donations, please forward any gifts received in your departments to Advancement Services (located in the West Office Building on York’s Keele Campus) by noon on Thursday, Dec. 21 to ensure timely processing and receipting. If you are expecting a credit card donation over the closure period, please direct the donor to the online donation page.

To receive a receipt for 2023, all cheques must be accompanied by the original envelope postmarked on or before Dec. 31.

Advancement staff are preparing for a well-deserved break over the holidays. The office will be closed from Friday, Dec. 22 to Tuesday, Jan. 2, 2024. While the office is closed, donations can be made in two ways:

To ensure you receive a 2023 tax receipt for your donation, take note of the following requirements:

  • Donations must be received on or before Dec. 31, with the cheque or credit card authorization dated Dec. 31 or earlier. This includes donations made online and by telephone.
  • Mailed donations can be received in January 2024 but must have a valid postmark of Dec. 31 or earlier.
  • Cheques must be made payable to York University.

Thank you to all of you who have helped to create positive change at York University this year. Happy holidays from the Division of Advancement.

Anucha family creates new award to support Black entrepreneurs

Young Black man working at a desk

A new award created and funded by the Anucha family is the first of its kind to support Black entrepreneurs at YSpace, York University’s entrepreneurship and innovation hub.

The award commemorates the family’s son and brother Alfred Anucha, a visionary, young entrepreneur who passed away at the age of 26. A former York student, Alfred was also the founder of Stay Ulo, a network of properties that offers flexible apartment rentals with a hotel experience.


Alfred’s passion for entrepreneurship and his unwavering belief in the potential of young people to create were the cornerstones of his life, shared family members at a recent event to announce the award. “ ’Bet on yourself. Bet on the future.’ This was Alfred’s mantra and encapsulates the vision of the Alfred Anucha Award,” said Adanna Anucha, Alfred’s sister. “Our family is excited to support young, Black entrepreneurs to ‘bet on yourself’ just as Alfred did. We hope this award will serve as a living tribute and memorial to honour Alfred’s legacy as a true innovator and dreamer.”

The award will support aspiring Black entrepreneurs in partnership with YSpace and the Black Entrepreneurship Alliance. Self-identifying Black individuals (Canadian citizens, permanent residents and protected refugees) are eligible for this award, with a preference given to Black male entrepreneurs under the age of 30, in recognition of the historical underrepresentation by Black male entrepreneurs in this space.

Each year, a maximum of four entrepreneurs will receive $2,500 each in recognition of their commitment to their craft. Additionally, recipients can take advantage of YSpace’s specialized programming free of charge to nurture their ventures. Current and past program participants are eligible and encouraged to apply for this award, which will be available annually for the next five years.

The award is also a testament to the deep connection the Anucha family shares with York University. Alfred’s mother, Uzo Anucha, is an associate professor at the School of Social Work in the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies. She is also the York Research Chair in Youth and Contexts of Inequity. Alfred’s four siblings have also attended York University.

David Kwok, director of entrepreneurship and innovation at YSpace, said, “YSpace is honoured to have this partnership and support of the Anucha family. This award will be a catalyst for many young, Black entrepreneurs to receive the funding and support necessary to continue their impactful work in the community. Our collaborative efforts will create greater access and growth for these Black-led businesses.”

Applications for the first round of awards are open from Nov. 20 to Dec. 15. More information about the application processes will be available on the YSpace website.

York Circle Lecture Series presents experts on topical subjects

York Circle Lecture series

In collaboration with Jennifer Steeves, the York Circle Chair and associate vice-president research, the Office of Alumni Engagement invites the community to York University’s Keele campus for a new instalment of the York Circle Lecture series.

Beginning Nov. 25 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Life Sciences Building, prominent faculty members will delve into a diverse array of compelling subjects, reflecting the defining themes of York University.

The York Circle Lecture Series is held four times a year and is open to York’s community, including alumni and friends. Tickets are $5 and include coffee, light snacks and lunch.

Sessions will feature the guest speakers, and attendees will be asked to select one lecture from each session during registration.

10 a.m. sessions

Maxim Voronov
Maxim Voronov

Maxim Voronov, professor, organizational behaviour and industrial relations, Schulich School of Business, presenting “The good, the bad, and the ugly of authenticity.”

Authenticity seems ever-present in today’s society, and it has become an important research topic among organizational scholars. Much of the time, both scholars and practitioners see authenticity as unambiguously good. But we need to acknowledge the darker side of authenticity and explore its implications. The purpose of this talk is to explore “the good, the bad and the ugly” of authenticity, shifting the focus away from authenticity as an attribute of people and things and toward unpacking the process by which people and things are cast as authentic. A particular focus will be on unpacking the contribution of authenticity to both social good and social harm.

Emilie Roudier
Emilie Roudier

Emilie Roudier, assistant professor, School of Kinesiology & Health Science, Faculty of Health, presenting “Wildland fires: studying our blood vessels to better understand the impact on health.”

Over the past decade, the intensity and size of wildland fires have increased. Wildland fire seasons have lengthened, and these fires contribute to global air pollution. This presentation will highlight how wildland fire-related air pollution can impact our heart and blood vessels.

11:20 a.m. sessions

Usman Khan
Usman Khan

Usman Khan, associate professor and department Chair, Department of Civil Engineering, Lassonde School of Engineering, presenting “Harnessing the power of AI for flood forecasting.”

Floods are the most frequent weather-related natural disasters, affecting the largest number of people globally, with economic damages in excess of $900 billion (between 1994 and 2013). Globally, climate change and urbanization have led to an increase in floods in recent decades and this trend is projected to continue in the coming years, including in Canada. Despite this, Canada is the only G7 country without nationwide flood forecasting systems, which are key to saving lives and reducing the damages associated with floods. Hydroinformatics, the study of complex hydrological systems by combining water science, data science and computer science, attempts to improve traditional flood forecasting through the use of advanced techniques such as artificial intelligence (AI). This talk will outline recent research in this area and plans to build a Canada-wide, open-source, real-time, operational flood forecasting system that harnesses the power of AI to improves our ability to predict and prepare for floods.

Antony Chum
Antony Chum

Antony Chum, assistant professor, Canada Research Chair, School of Kinesiology & Health Science, Faculty of Health, presenting “The impact of recreational cannabis legalization on cannabis-related acute care in Ontario.”

This presentation will discuss the effects of cannabis legalization on cannabis-related acute care (emergency department visits and hospitalizations). The research conducted discovered specific impact patterns among different demographic groups. Additionally, the talk will delve into regional disparities and analyze the policy implications arising from the legalization process.

Since 2009, York Circle has showcased the ideas and research being generated by York University’s community. Topics come from every Faculty and have included discussions around gender issues, brain function, mental health, international aid, sports injuries, financial policy and many more evolving subjects.

Desjardins Group funding helps expand entrepreneurial programs at York

diverse group of workers collaborating in meeting room

La version française suit la version anglaise. 

A new gift from Desjardins to York University’s Innovation York will expand two critical accelerator programs that provide training and support in entrepreneurship and help promote innovation.

The funding will continue both Desjardins and York’s commitment to fostering positive change for diverse local communities and uniquely global perspectives.

The gift supports two initiatives at York, with an infusion over five years to GENIAL (Glendon Entrepreneuriat et Innovation A L’International) and over two years to ELLA (Entrepreneurial Leadership & Learning Alliance).

“We are thrilled to partner with Desjardins to create greater access and opportunities for women-led businesses,” says Jennifer MacLean, assistant vice-president, innovation and research partnerships at York University. “This partnership will enable York University’s YSpace to expand our impact in the community and continue to foster the skills and talents of young entrepreneurs.” 

GENIAL is a bilingual initiative that offers training, extracurricular activities, and a research program in entrepreneurship and innovation. Desjardins’ gift will allow GENIAL to scale up its bilingual Entrepreneurial Skills Passport (ESP) program that is currently offered to Glendon students. Through the ESP program, GENIAL has trained a diverse population of students from liberal arts and business backgrounds, including domestic and international students enrolled in business, economics, communications, translation, international studies, sociology and psychology. GENIAL was launched in 2017 by Angelo Dossou-Yovo, associate professor of management and entrepreneurship.

Desjardins also supported York’s first accelerator focused on supporting women-led product- and service-based businesses. The donation to ELLA – a program created by women, for women – will support the program for the next two years. The funding will help with the sustainability of ELLA’s accelerator programming that provides women entrepreneurs with access to the community, knowledge and resources they need to scale their business. 

“With Desjardins’ support, YSpace’s ELLA program will be able to help more women entrepreneurs, particularly those in consumer packaged goods and professional services, take their businesses to greater heights and scale up into national and international markets,” said David Kwok, associate director, entrepreneurship. “This gift recognizes the value in supporting women-led product- and service-based businesses, providing them with resources as robust as those currently found in the tech sector.” 

To recognize their contribution and commitment, Desjardins is invited to take part in ELLA’s national advisory committee and act as subject-matter experts to help shape the program’s future. 

“Entrepreneurs play an important role in our society. They are creating innovative solutions to the needs of Canadians and the challenges they face,” said Guy Cormier, president and CEO of Desjardins Group. “We are proud to support York University and their young entrepreneurs. They will help shape the world of tomorrow and we’re incredibly happy to be part of something that will give them the resources and tools they need to pursue their goals in life.”

Students and other members of the York community are invited to attend a public talk by Cormier on Sept. 12 at the Schulich Executive Learning Centre on York’s Keele Campus. Hear Cormier’s professional journey, starting as a cashier, and how he worked his way up through Desjardins to become the youngest president in the history of the organization. He will also talk openly about the challenges he’s faced in his career and his vision of modern leadership, and answer audience questions.

Click here to register for the event on Sept. 12:

Le financement du Mouvement Desjardins permet d’élargir les programmes d’entrepreneuriat à York 

Un nouveau don de Desjardins à l’Université York permettra d’élargir deux programmes accélérateurs cruciaux qui offrent une formation et un soutien à l’entrepreneuriat et qui contribuent à promouvoir l’innovation. 

Le financement permettra à Desjardins et à York de poursuivre leur engagement envers la création de changements positifs pour les communautés locales diversifiées et d’offrir des perspectives mondiales uniques.

Le don appuie deux initiatives à York avec un apport sur cinq ans pour GENIAL (Glendon ENtrepreneuriat et Innovation À L’international) et un autre sur deux ans pour ELLA (Entrepreneurial Leadership & Learning Alliance).

« Nous sommes ravis de nous associer à Desjardins pour améliorer l’accès et les possibilités d’entreprises dirigées par des femmes, déclare Jennifer MacLean, vice-présidente adjointe des partenariats en matière d’innovation et de recherche à l’Université York. Ce partenariat permettra au YSpace de l’Université York d’accroître son effet sur la communauté et de continuer à encourager les compétences et les talents des jeunes entrepreneurs et entrepreneuses. » 

GENIAL est une initiative bilingue qui propose des formations, des activités extrascolaires et un programme de recherche sur l’entrepreneuriat et l’innovation. Le don de Desjardins permettra à GENIAL d’amplifier le programme de formation bilingue Passeport Compétences Entrepreneuriales (PCE) actuellement proposé à la population étudiante de Glendon. Grâce au programme PCE, GENIAL a formé une population étudiante diversifiée issue des arts libéraux et du monde des affaires, notamment des étudiantes et étudiants nationaux et internationaux inscrits à des programmes de commerce, économie, communication, traduction, études internationales, sociologie et psychologie. 

GENIAL a été lancé en 2017 par Angelo Dossou-Yovo, professeur agrégé de gestion et d’entrepreneuriat.

Desjardins soutient également le premier accélérateur de York axé sur le soutien aux entreprises de produits et de services dirigées par des femmes. Le don fait à ELLA — un programme créé par des femmes, pour des femmes — financera le programme pendant les deux prochaines années. Ce financement contribuera à la durabilité du programme d’accélération d’ELLA, qui permet aux entrepreneuses d’accéder à la communauté, aux connaissances et aux ressources nécessaires pour développer leur entreprise. 

« Grâce au soutien de Desjardins, le programme ELLA de YSpace sera en mesure d’aider davantage d’entrepreneuses, notamment dans les secteurs des biens de consommation et des services professionnels, à faire progresser leur entreprise et à s’implanter sur les marchés nationaux et internationaux, a déclaré David Kwok, directeur associé, Entrepreneuriat. Ce don reconnaît la valeur du soutien apporté aux entreprises de produits et de services dirigées par des femmes, en leur fournissant des ressources aussi solides que celles que l’on trouve actuellement dans le secteur de la technologie. » 

Pour reconnaître leur contribution et leur engagement, les Caisses Desjardins sont invitées à participer au comité consultatif d’ELLA et à agir en tant qu’expertes en la matière pour façonner l’avenir du programme. 

« Les chefs d’entreprise jouent un rôle important dans notre société en créant des solutions novatrices pour répondre aux besoins de la population canadienne et aux défis auxquels elle est confrontée, a déclaré Guy Cormier, président et chef de la direction du Mouvement Desjardins. Nous sommes fiers de soutenir l’Université York et ses jeunes chefs d’entreprise qui contribueront à façonner le monde de demain. Nous nous réjouissons de participer à un projet qui leur donnera les ressources et les outils nécessaires pour poursuivre leurs objectifs de vie. »

La population étudiante et les autres membres de la communauté de York sont invités à assister à une conférence publique de M. Cormier le 12 septembre de 16 h à 18 h au Schulich Executive Learning Centre sur le campus Keele de York. Découvrez le parcours professionnel de M. Cormier, qui a commencé comme caissier et a gravi les échelons au sein de Desjardins pour devenir le plus jeune président de l’histoire de l’organisation. Il parlera ouvertement des défis auxquels il a été confronté au cours de sa carrière ainsi que de sa vision du leadership moderne et répondra aux questions du public.

Cliquez ici pour vous inscrire à l’événement du 12 septembre :

Justice Fund announces gift to York for Black, Indigenous students’ arts education

Students gathered around one presenter and microphone against foggy background for open mic

This fall, 14 Black and Indigenous students will be eligible to apply for financial support to attend York University’s School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design (AMPD), following a $100,000 donation announced at the Justice Fund Summit: Lover of Humanity last week.

Sarah Bay-Cheng
Sarah Bay-Cheng

The recently announced Justice Fund Bursaries are valued at $7,143 each. While eligible first-year students will be given priority, the bursaries are open to all Black and Indigenous students in AMPD who demonstrate involvement in community and social-justice work, sharing the vision of the Justice Fund and its co-founders, Yonis Hassan, Noah “40” Shebib and Jermyn Creed.

“We are grateful for the support of the Justice Fund and very proud to be partners in advancing opportunities for youth in Toronto,” says AMPD Dean Sarah Bay-Cheng, who took part in the summit on Aug. 3, where similar partnerships focused on priority communities were made.

Bay-Cheng was also a panellist at the summit’s Fireside Chat – along with Toronto Mayor Olivia Chow and John Wiggins, vice-president of organizational culture and inclusion for the Toronto Raptors. Bay-Cheng shared her own experiences, including challenges and arts- and culture-based solutions for youth and underserved communities in the city and beyond. 

Learn more at News @ York.

Schulich receives legacy gift to support health industry students


Inspired by the Schulich School of Business’s Health Industry Management programs, Dr. Leonard Orville “Brad” Bradley’s family has chosen to honour their late father by creating the Dr. L. O. Bradley Leadership Entrance Award with a $250,000 legacy gift to support incoming students to Schulich’s Master of Health Industry Administration program.

Dr. Leonard Orville Bradley

Over the next 10 years, two recipients who have shown outstanding leadership potential, innovative thinking and community involvement will be awarded $12,500. This prestigious award will attract top health industry students to Schulich, while helping to alleviate financial stress.

Bradley was recognized as a leader in health institution management and his career included many senior positions. He received several honours for his work, including the George Findlay Stephens Memorial Award, the Outstanding Achievement Award from the Medical Alumni Association of the University of Alberta and the Extendicare Award from the Canadian College of Health Service Executives. Bradley also believed in lifelong learning, earning his doctor of medicine degree in 1938 and receiving his final university degree at the age of 86.

“He had a complete commitment to hospital administration and learning, and that commitment never waned,” said Bradley’s son, Tom Bradley. “Dad’s passion in life was his profession. I can’t think of a better way of honouring his memory than by helping the future generation pick up from where he left off.”

The two inaugural recipients will be announced in Fall 2023. To learn more about planned gifts, visit this link.

$40K donation from Nick Nurse supports AMPD high school initiative

Students gathered around one presenter and microphone against foggy background for open mic

Fifty high school students will have the rare opportunity of learning from Juno-winning artists at York University’s School of the Arts, Media, Performance and Design (AMPD), thanks to a $40,000 donation from the Nick Nurse Foundation (NNF), July 24 to 28.  

Nick Nurse
Nick Nurse

“I’ve always been a passionate advocate for equitable access in both sports and the arts. Success, regardless of discipline, should be a testament of merit, discipline and ingenuity – not a question of access or resources,” says Nick Nurse, co-founder of NNF and head coach for the Philadelphia 76ers of the NBA. “I know with the support of a globally recognized, academically and socially responsible school like AMPD, this donation can help eliminate barriers, level the playing field and empower the next generation of creative leaders in a city that has a special place in my heart.”

The donation will support bursaries for equity-seeking students, classes, workshops and guest artist visits to the newly renamed the Nick Nurse Foundation Summer Jazz & Groove Lab. A portion of the donation will fund participation bursaries for high school students who are Black, Indigenous and/or people of colour as well as young women.

Participants will work closely with Juno-winning and internationally recognized jazz and gospel artists including AMPD faculty members Professor Sundar Viswanathan, Professor Karen Burke and Lorne Lofsky during the week-long intensive, culminating in a public performance.

“We are extremely grateful for the donation and Nurse’s commitment to improving the lives and futures of Toronto’s young people through the arts,” says AMPD Dean Sarah Bay-Cheng. “With the Nick Nurse Foundation Summer Jazz & Groove Lab, we can provide youth with the necessary resources to positively contribute to society through music and jazz. We are tremendously excited by the opportunities this gift will open for BIPOC students and young women in the local community.”

Mike Cadó
Noam Lemish
Noam Lemish

“The Nick Nurse Foundation’s generous donation will fuel creative opportunities for young musicians to deepen their interest in contemporary styles of music,” say Lab founders and coordinators Professor Mike Cadó and Professor Noam Lemish. “The Lab will provide a vibrant environment for young people to grow and discover. Hopefully, it will inspire the next generation to create in the pursuit of an inclusive and innovative future.”

The Lab began as an online opportunity for high school students in the Summer of 2021 as the vision of music professors Cadó and Lemish. Now, the Lab is a cornerstone at the University that pioneered the inclusion of jazz and gospel in its music degree program.

Click here for more information on the Nick Nurse Foundation Summer Jazz & Groove Lab.

Learn more at News @ York.

Staff can volunteer for Spring Convocation

convocation students facing stage

York University’s Spring Convocation ceremonies will take place June 9 (Glendon) and from June 15 to 23 (Keele) and community members are invited to join the team of volunteers who help make these ceremonies memorable for graduates and their guests.

Volunteers will participate in the convocation key coordinator (CKC) role – a rewarding experience that will allows volunteers to be a part of supporting students as they cross the stage and become alumni. The CKC role entails working with the convocation team to support and supervise student-staff working in the guest services and graduand areas.

Volunteers in this role will receive: 

  • complimentary lunch and snacks on ceremony days;
  • training at the Sobeys Stadium for those who are new to the CKC roll on Wednesday, June 7; and
  • choice of various positions and shifts.

This invite can be shared with any full-time colleagues who may be interested in supporting convocation.

To volunteer, submit your availability here CKC roles are volunteer positions so please seek your manager’s approval to participate. This opportunity is not open to work-study students or student-staff as it is a supervisory role.