Senior gets wrong meds, ends up on life support

Alphonsine Winzoski was taken to Winnipeg’s Concordia Hospital after an asthma attack and ended up on life support, reported CBC News. A doctor later admitted the hospital had given Winzoski another patient’s medication, one that York Professor Joel Lexchin says constricts the lungs and can cause breathing difficulty in people with respiratory problems.

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Does Toronto need more wild bees?

What most people would call a nest box, York University doctoral candidate Scott MacIvor likes to call a bee condo. The nest box is just one of many MacIvor has placed around the city. He’s hitched them onto everything from trees in quiet ravines to stop signs downtown, as part of a four-year experiment on wild-bee diversity in Toronto that is now in its final year, reported Torontoist.

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Greater Victoria, the opposition city

“The Liberals have won a solid majority government without anybody on the [south Island],” said York Professor Dennis Pilon in Victoria News. “Unless the Liberals figure they could gain back that support, there’s really not much incentive for them to work very hard to woo those voters.”

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