Poonam Puri

Poonam Puri
Poonam Puri

The Royal Society of Canada has awarded one of its highest distinctions to Osgoode Hall Law School Professor Poonam Puri

Register now for 2021-22 employee learning programs, series and courses

A virtual classroom displayed on an open laptop

The following is a message from York University’s employee learning and development team to faculty and staff:

La version française suit la version anglaise.

Dear colleagues,

Your employee learning and development team is delighted to announce the opening of the 2021-22 employee learning and development programs, series and courses.

Links to more information and to register appear below.

The learning content presented in our 2021-22 employee learning and development programming will enable you to develop your skills, navigate your careers and create positive change. Discover our new and enhanced certificate programs, specialty series and elective courses, and meet YU Learn, York’s first employee learning management system, designed to help you peruse, register for, track and recommend learning opportunities. You may also access customized services and self-directed learning opportunities including LinkedIn Learning, available to York students, faculty, instructors and staff.

Programs and Series

Core certificate programsSpecialty series
Emerging Leaders U (new) 
Leader U 
Executive U  
Tech U 
A Resilient Return to Campus (new) 
Digital Workplace Series (new) 
Management and HR Learning Forum (new) 
Onboarding Learning  
Manager U Series for New Managers (new) 

Career Navigation and Skills Development

These elective courses include diverse stand-alone elective courses that empower employees to build their skills and navigate their careers.

Sample Talent ElectivesSample Technological Electives
Managing in the Grey: Managing Change (new)
Learn White Belt Training: Introduction to
Learn Continuous Improvement (new)
Managing Remote and Hybrid Teams (new)
Digital Storytelling (new)
Communicating with Influence and Impact
Leading with Emotional Intelligence
Managing Files in Microsoft 365 (new)
Leveraging the York-Branded Word Template (new)
Leveraging the York-Branded PowerPoint Template (new)
Designing Accessible Word Documents
Mastering Collaboration in Teams
Sharing and Collaborating Securely in Microsoft 365
Cybersecurity in the Digital Workplace

Customized Solutions

Our customized solutions are available to leaders and intact teams on an on-demand, year-round basis and focus on three areas: high-performing teams, maximizing your leadership impact and supporting positive change. To learn more about our customized solutions or expert partners, email us at hrlearn@yorku.ca.

Looking to contribute more meaningfully?

A call for participation on the Employee Learning Council is underway. Council members will support and advise on York University’s employee learning and development across the organization with a focus on future business needs and future readiness. Vacant seats are available to be filled for employees in the YUSA bargaining unit (two vacant seats) and the CUPE 1356 bargaining unit (one vacant seat). Please express your interest by writing to hrlearn@yorku.ca by Sept. 30.

The Employee Learning and Development Team

Inscrivez-vous dès maintenant aux programmes, séries et séances de formation pour les employés en 2021-2022

Chers collègues,  

L’équipe d’apprentissage et de perfectionnement des employés est ravie de vous annoncer le lancement de ses programmes, séries et cours d’apprentissage et de perfectionnement des employés et employées en 2021-2022!  

Vous trouverez tous les liens pour obtenir plus d’information et pour vous INSCRIRE ci-dessous. 

Le contenu d’apprentissage de notre programmation 2021-2022 vous permettra de développer vos compétences, de faire progresser votre carrière et de créer des changements positifs! Découvrez nos programmes de certificats « nouveaux ou améliorés », nos séries spécialisées et nos cours optionnels. YU Learn est le premier système de gestion de l’apprentissage à York. Il a été conçu pour choisir, s’inscrire, suivre et recommander des possibilités d’apprentissage aux employés. La population étudiante, le corps professoral, le corps enseignant et le personnel de York ont également accès à des services personnalisés et à des possibilités d’apprentissage autodirigé, notamment grâce à LinkedIn Learning

Programmes et séries 

Programmes de base menant à un certificat Séries spécialisées 
Emerging Leaders U (nouveau) 
Leader U 
Executive U  
Tech U 
A Resilient Return to Campus: 
Digital Workplace Series (nouveau) 
Management and HR Learning Forum (nouveau) 
Onboarding Learning  
Manager U Series for New Managers (nouveau) 

Carrière et perfectionnement – Cours optionnels
Ces cours optionnels autonomes permettent aux employés de développer leurs compétences et de progresser dans leur carrière.

Exemples de cours optionnel pour développer des talents Exemples de cours optionnel pour développer des connaissances technologiques 
Managing in the Grey: Managing Change (nouveau) 
Lean White Belt Training: Introduction to Lean Continuous Improvement (nouveau) 
Managing Remote and Hybrid Teams (nouveau) 
Digital Storytelling (nouveau) 
Communicating With Influence & Impact 
Leading with Emotional Intelligence
Managing Files in Microsoft 365 (nouveau) 
Leveraging the York Branded Word Template (nouveau) 
Leveraging the York Branded PowerPoint Template (nouveau) 
Designing Accessible Word Documents 
Mastering Collaboration in Teams  
Sharing and Collaborating Securely in Microsoft 365 
Cybersecurity in the Digital Workplace 

Solutions personnalisées

Des solutions personnalisées sont offertes aux leaders et aux équipes interfonctionnelles sur demande, tout au long de l’année. Elles sont axées sur trois domaines : High Performing Teams (équipes performantes), Maximizing Your Leadership Impact (maximiser les effets du leadership) et Supporting Positive Change (appuyer les changements positifs). Pour en savoir plus sur ces solutions personnalisées ou sur nos partenaires experts, veuillez envoyer un courriel à hrlearn@yorku.ca.

Vous aimeriez contribuer de façon plus concrète?

Une invitation à participer au Conseil d’apprentissage des employés a été lancée. Les membres de ce Conseil fourniront un soutien et des recommandations en matière d’apprentissage et de développement des employés à l’échelle de l’Université en privilégiant les défis professionnels futurs. Des sièges sont à pourvoir pour représenter les employés de l’unité de négociation YUSA (2 sièges vacants) et les employés de l’unité de négociation CUPE 1356 (1 siège vacant). Veuillez manifester votre intérêt en écrivant à hrlearn@yorku.ca avant le 30 septembre 2021.


L’équipe d’apprentissage et de développement des employés

Recipients of the Provostial Fellowships announced

A drone image of Vari Hall on the Keele campus

Professors Burkard Eberlein (Schulich), Sapna Sharma (science), Cheryl van Daalen-Smith (health, Liberal Arts & Professional Studies) and Qiang Zha (education) have been appointed York University provostial Fellows.

Appointed for one year, each of the recipients will work to enhance collegial capacity at an institutional level to advance the priorities of the University Academic Plan (UAP) in demonstrable ways. The Provostial Fellowships also provide an opportunity for a diverse group of tenured faculty to gain hands-on experience in university leadership.

“I am thrilled to have these four faculty members dedicating some of their time and energy to help lead the implementation of our UAP. The University will benefit from their expertise and ideas, and I hope they too will find this a valuable opportunity to grow and develop as leaders and institution builders,” said Provost and Vice-President Academic Lisa Philipps. “The launch of Building a Better Future: York University Academic Plan 2020-2025 established six exciting and important priorities for York University. As a community, we now look to work together in advancing these.”

Fellows will work with the provost and relevant members of the senior leadership on a project or initiative intended to advance one of the UAP priority areas at an institutional level. Each project also seeks to enhance and intersect with the university-wide challenge to elevate institutional contributions to the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Burkhard Eberlein
Burkard Eberlein

Burkard Eberlein
Professor, Public Policy and Strategic Management
Schulich School of Business

Professor Eberlein’s project, “York’s Journey toward Carbon Neutrality,” seeks to identify and advance specific and impactful initiatives that the University can take to reduce its carbon emissions.

Sapna Sharma
Sapna Sharma

Sapna Sharma
Associate Professor, Department of Biology
Faculty of Science

Professor Sharma’s project, “Working Towards Equitable Access to Clean Water,” looks to address the billions of people worldwide, including in Canada, who do not have access to clean freshwater. This project will seek student, faculty and staff collaborations across the University with a goal of raising awareness and identifying solutions to this critical issue, and will culminate with an event celebrating UN World Water Day.

Cheryl van Daalen-Smith
Cheryl van Daalen-Smith

Cheryl van Daalen-Smith
Associate Professor, School of Nursing
Faculty of Health
Associate Professor, School of Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies
Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies

Professor van Daalen-Smith’s project, “More than Bees and Trees: Seeing the SDGs in our Curriculum – Pan-University Community Development Initiative,” seeks to track, weave, inspire and amplify curricular SDG initiatives and advance York University’s commitment to interdisciplinarity.

Qiang Zha
Qiang Zha

Qiang Zha
Associate Professor
Faculty of Education

Professor Zha’s project, “Reimagining and Transforming Liberal Arts Education with a Trans-Continental Partnership,” looks to explore a new model for practising liberal arts education in the current contexts of mass higher education, knowledge societies and globalization, including the prospects for infusing the concepts derived from the SDGs and promoting global competence.

New employee learning experiences will transform York’s workplace and talent

YFile Featured image VARI hall

This fall, York University will take the employee learning experience to the next level with the launch of new programs, series, elective courses and YU Learn, York’s first employee learning management system, complemented by a continuing commitment to LinkedIn Learning.

“York has become a global magnet for talented people drawn by our academic excellence, cosmopolitan character, and commitment to making a positive difference.” (Source: University Academic Plan, 2020-25)

Inspired and led by the 2020-25 University Academic Plan’s focus on “Living Well Together” and “21st Century Learning,” York employees and managers will have access to accelerated and modern learning experiences that already differentiate York University as a teaching, learning and research institution, and now as an employer as well.  

“We know that our employees continue to seek greater opportunities for connection, learning and career navigation,” said Assistant Vice-President of Human Resources (HR) Mary Catherine Masciangelo. “As York continues to move through challenge and change, a modern and agile employee learning experience is critical to York’s future-readiness and the ability to co-create positive change for our University and for the students we serve.”

Featured image shows the words Career Navigation & Skills Development and then on a separate line Employee Learning and Development. The image shows a hand holding a compass. The word New is also present in the image.

The learning content lined up for York’s 2021-22 employee learning and development programming emphasizes career navigation, skills and leadership development, and building learning capacity. York’s employee learning lead, Jennifer Sipos, director of talent acquisition and development, shares some of the highlights: “York employees want personalized, 21st-century learning that enables them to self-direct positive work experiences and navigate distinct careers. Our offerings recognize and reflect the diverse employee learners we serve and the curricula they need and desire. Specifically, our employees want to build people leadership, digital collaboration and decision-making skills, and new programs like Emerging Leaders U and the Digital Workplace Series respond directly to that feedback.”

Virtual employee learning continues

During the early phase of remote work in 2020, more than 150 instructor-led employee learning courses were transformed into virtually delivered courses, and employee participation in learning increased by more than 200 per cent. Employee learning and development opportunities will continue to be offered virtually in 2021-22, and employee feedback will continue to drive and shape future learning experiences, whether in virtual, in-person or blended modes.

YU Learn: York’s first employee learning management system

Featured image. Shows a man standing on a mountain top with the words Employee Learning & Development.

This fall, York University will accelerate and modernize the employee experience with 21st-century learning practices and technologies already benefiting York students. The project began as an innovative partnership between key members of the HR and University Information Technology teams designed to technologically transform the employee experience. Employees and managers can now more purposefully and easily navigate careers, develop skills and build performance. They will benefit from a more user-friendly system of engagement, with the ability to register for, track and recommend learning opportunities while working towards digital credentials and program certificates. 

“The system was designed to facilitate an employee experience that aligns and reflects York’s commitment to service excellence, designed with local learning administrators and employees, with their input from concept to implementation – a hallmark of agile, user-driven design,” said Vanessa Capogreco, York’s technical learning lead and YU Learn project co-lead. 

A continuing commitment to LinkedIn Learning

An exciting commitment providing continuing access to LinkedIn Learning benefits all members of the York University community. York students, faculty, instructors and staff alike can continue to leverage LinkedIn courses, videos and learning paths to help customize their personal learning experiences and lifelong learning goals with self-paced, device-friendly accessibility. More information on accessing LinkedIn Learning can be found at yorku.ca/linkedinlearn.

“LinkedIn Learning has become a tool that thousands of people in our York University community use every day,” said Will Gage, associate vice-president, teaching and learning. “We are really excited to be able to continue providing access to LinkedIn Learning for all of our students, staff and faculty. I want to encourage everyone to check it out and give thought to how the platform can support your own continuing education and development.”

Register now

York employees can now access and register for programs, series, and elective courses and are encouraged to become familiar with the exciting opportunities available by visiting the Employee Learning, Development and Career Navigation page. For more information about employee learning and development, contact hrlearn@yorku.ca

A note to the University community from the YFile team

An image of a woman with a laptop that shows the YFile website

Dear YFile readers, 

Yesterday was a big day for the YFile team with the anticipated launch of a refreshed YFile website, archive and calendar of events, and a new format for our email newsletter. The project to refresh and revitalize YFile has been close to a year in the making and involved considerable effort, late nights, and numerous checks, balances and input from our partners. 

Despite our best efforts to ensure the seamless launch of this exciting refresh of YFile, an unforeseen technical issue may have prevented the YFile email newsletter from reaching your inboxes in a timely manner. Some of you received the morning email, others received it mid-afternoon, and some did not receive it at all. 

We are working closely with University Information Technology to sort out the issue. To ensure that we continue our 19 years of conveying the news that matters to the York University community, we decided to resend this newsletter this morning, even though some of you may have already received it. We apologize for any confusion.

Meanwhile, as we work out the kinks in the mailing system, we encourage you to visit our updated YFile website. We are proud of the result and hope that you will be too.

The YFile team

Welcome to the new and improved YFile

An image of a woman with a laptop that shows the YFile website

Today, YFile marks a major milestone in its 19-year history with the debut of a lively new website and newsletter. Both feature a modern design, improved functionality and an enhanced experience for the York University community.

As an essential source of institutional news since it was launched in 2002, YFile is the University’s official journal of record. The effort to refresh YFile was undertaken with a community-first approach that prioritizes the needs and requests expressed by the publication’s readers.

The project, which encompasses the entire YFile program, includes enhancements to the news website, story archive, online newsletter and central events calendar. Work has been underway for almost a year to review and refresh each of the YFile components, and the focus has been on delivering an updated, modern design, improvements to the search function and access to archived stories, along with a new archive of the online newsletters and a streamlined central events calendar.

“York University continues to demonstrate that education and critical inquiry, scholarship and knowledge translation can transform the world around us,” says President and Vice-Chancellor Rhonda Lenton. “Over the past 18 months in particular, connectivity – with each other and our local and global communities – has been more important than ever. The revisions being made to YFile will enhance the accessibility of information and help ensure that our community remains connected, informed and engaged. Congratulations to the YFile team on the launch of this important initiative.”

Today, readers will discover that YFile’s focus on telling York University’s important stories is now further augmented through an updated, user-friendly design that incorporates the University’s brand visual identity. The YFile news website aligns with the University’s web optimization strategy that focuses on delivering a streamlined experience for users.

As with any new endeavour, there will be some bumps and unexpected glitches. Please let the YFile team know your thoughts by sending an email to yfile@yorku.ca with the subject line Feedback. Let us know what you like, and what could be improved or fixed.

The YFile news website

A key component of the YFile program, the publication’s website has been re-envisioned using new developments in content management and design. The result is a clean, modular, easy-to-navigate website that provides more flexibility and creativity in presentation and layout.

Content is curated into new categories that best reflect York University’s priorities and goals along with YFile’s mandate. Readers will notice new categories, including Teaching & Learning, Research & Innovation, Awards & Recognition, Latest News, Special Issues and Features. The popular Scoop section now includes an archive of previous entries, which fulfills an important request from community members.

There are also two new sections that enhance YFile’s presentation of its content and the community’s desire to see stories featured on the website for a longer period. The new sections, Spotlight@York and York in Focus, keep important initiatives and stories available on the YFile website.

Spotlight@York highlights stories that celebrate important innovations at York University. It is the place where the content from the special issues “Brainstorm” and “Innovatus” will be featured. As well, major stories such as the recent launch of York’s new University Academic Plan will be showcased in the Spotlight@York section.

The York in Focus section highlights stories that continue to be relevant for some time, or news that celebrates a major development at York University, such as the opening of the new Markham Campus, a major research award such as VISTA or a major funding announcement.

The YFile archive

For years, YFile staff heard from the community that there was a desire for an improved archive of past stories and a better way to search those stories. To respond to this need, more than 24,000 stories dating back to 2002 are now accessible in the story archive and technical innovations were implemented to the search function. The result is that users can find stories and sort their searches more effectively.

The YFile story submission form

A new online story submission form that was tested in the summer months has proven to be extremely popular with the University community. Accessible directly from the YFile website, the form guides community members and helps them pull together the information they need to submit a story to YFile’s editorial team. The form is easy to use, logical and it makes the submission of stories more organized.

The YFile email newsletter

The YFile email newsletter is delivered every morning to more than 6,000 full-time faculty and staff at York University. It is often the first interaction community members have with what is new and interesting on campus. With this in mind, and recognizing YFile readers have busy inboxes, the new YFile email newsletter has been designed to be informative, engaging and simple to navigate.

As part of this major refresh, the email newsletter is now developed using a new platform that provides greater flexibility in layout, design, and presentation of stories and content, allowing YFile’s editorial team to highlight stories about York University in a more balanced approach. Both responsive and web-friendly, the email newsletter is more accessible for all types of devices, from desktops to tablets and smartphones, and through all web browsers.

An outstanding feature that is particularly exciting to announce is the new archive of email newsletters, which will be available on the YFile website. That means no more searching through an email inbox, and faculty and staff can now save and print email newsletters that are published from Sept. 15 onward. This fulfills a frequent request from the community.

The University events calendar

A new online calendar of events offers a streamlined, optimized listing of new events taking place at York University’s campuses. The new centralized calendar, which is linked on the University’s homepage under Quick Links, is compatible on different devices and web browsers. With a focus on accessibility, the new events calendar launched in late August and more options will be rolled out over the coming months. Featured events of significance to the University will continue to be profiled on the YFile website and in the email newsletter.

Informed by industry best practices and with priority placed on accessibility and fulfilling the University community’s requests, this major evolution of YFile is an important milestone in the publication’s history.

Resources to help you

To help York community members navigate some of these changes, YFile has developed a YFile User Manual. This document will help guide content creators through YFile’s unique writing and publishing conventions, providing answers to frequently asked questions about deadlines, images sizes and more. The YFile User Manual is available on the About YFile page under YFile resources.

Tell us what you think

Feedback from the community is encouraged and welcomed, and can be shared through a link on the YFile website or by emailing yfile@yorku.ca. Please include Feedback in the email subject line.

Join the York community for a virtual town hall, Sept. 21

yorku-letters FEATURED image for new YFile format

Students, faculty, course directors and staff at York University are invited to the first virtual town hall of the 2021-22 academic year. The event is planned for Tuesday, Sept. 21 and will feature discussions about ongoing plans for the safe return of in-person activities this academic year.

Rhonda L. Lenton, president and vice chancellor of York University, extends the following invitation to University community members.

La version française suit la version anglaise.

Dear York community,

We are pleased to announce that we will be holding the first virtual town hall of the 2021–22 academic year on Tuesday, Sept. 21, where we will discuss the University’s ongoing plans for the safe return of in-person activities this academic year.   

We invite all students, staff, course directors and faculty to attend, and to submit their questions in advance of the event using this form. Community members can also visit the updated Better Together FAQs page for answers to frequently asked questions about return-to-campus plans, enhanced health and safety measures, vaccination requirements and more. 

Date: Tuesday, Sept. 21

Time: 2:30 p.m.  

Zoom Webinar: https://yorku.zoom.us/j/94599664106?pwd=MUJJTU0wVEo4VDIvR3lrZks4Ym1Udz09

Webinar ID: 945 9966 4106

Telephone Dial-In: (647) 374-4685  

Password: 248948 

Link to Livestream: youtu.be/_bkNz9UTxXc

To help answer your questions, I will be joined by:  

  • Lisa Philipps, provost and vice-president academic;
  • Amir Asif, vice-president research and innovation;
  • Sheila Cote-Meek, vice-president equity, people and culture;  
  • Carol McAulay, vice-president finance and administration;  
  • Lucy Fromowitz, vice-provost, students; and
  • Parissa Safai, special advisor to the president for academic continuity planning and COVID-19 response and associate professor, School of Kinesiology and Health Science.

If you have any accessibility needs, notes or comments, please let us know.   

We will be hosting this town hall via the videoconferencing platform Zoom Webinar. You can learn about downloading and using Zoom here. The webinar will also be livestreamed on the town hall website

You can add the town hall to your Outlook calendar using the attached .ics file. 

If you have attended a past town hall, we would like your feedback through this short survey. If you were unable to attend previous town halls, you can access all of them here

The latest community updates, resources and answers to frequently asked questions can always be found on our Better Together website.    

I look forward to your questions.  


Rhonda L. Lenton 
President & Vice-Chancellor

Joignez-vous à la conversation communautaire virtuelle de York le 21 septembre

Chers membres de la communauté de York,  

Nous avons le plaisir de vous annoncer que nous tiendrons le mardi 21 septembre la première conversation communautaire virtuelle de l’année universitaire 2021-2022, durant laquelle nous discuterons des plans de l’Université pour la reprise sécuritaire des activités en personne.   

Nous invitons tous les membres de la population étudiante, du personnel, du corps professoral ainsi que les directeurs et directrices de cours à y assister et à soumettre leurs questions avant l’événement avec ce formulaire. Les membres de la communauté peuvent également consulter la FAQ mise à jour sur le site Web Better Together pour voir les réponses aux questions les plus fréquentes concernant les plans de retour sur le campus, les mesures renforcées de santé et de sécurité, les exigences en matière de vaccination, etc. 

Date : Mardi 21 septembre 2021

Heure : 14 h 30 

Webinaire Zoom : https://yorku.zoom.us/j/94599664106?pwd=MUJJTU0wVEo4VDIvR3lrZks4Ym1Udz09

Code du webinaire : 945 9966 4106 

Numéro de téléphone: (647) 374-4685  

Mot de passe : 248948   

Lien pour la diffusion en direct : https://youtu.be/_bkNz9UTxXc

Pour m’aider à répondre à vos questions, je serai accompagnée de:  

  • Lisa Philipps, rectrice et vice-présidente des affaires académiques  
  • Amir Asif, vice-président de la recherche et de l’innovation  
  • Sheila Cote-Meek, vice-présidente de l’équité, des personnes et de la culture  
  • Carol McAulay, vice-présidente des finances et de l’administration   
  • Lucy Fromowitz, vice-rectrice aux affaires étudiantes  
  • Parissa Safai, conseillère spéciale de la présidente pour la planification de la continuité académique et la réponse à la COVID-19 et professeure agrégée de l’École de kinésiologie et des sciences de la santé  

Si vous avez des besoins, des remarques ou des commentaires en matière d’accessibilité, veuillez nous le faire savoir.   

Cette conversation communautaire aura lieu grâce à la plateforme de visioconférence Zoom Webinar. Vous pouvez télécharger Zoom et apprendre à vous en servir ici. Le webinaire sera également diffusé en direct sur le site Web des conversations communautaires

Vous pouvez ajouter la conversation communautaire à votre calendrier Outlook à l’aide du fichier .ics en pièce jointe. 

Si vous avez déjà assisté à une conversation communautaire, nous aimerions connaître votre opinion avec ce bref sondage. Si vous n’avez pas pu assister aux conversations précédentes, elles sont affichées ici

Vous trouverez les dernières mises à jour, ressources et réponses aux questions fréquemment posées sur notre site Web Better Together

J’attends vos questions avec impatience. 

Sincères salutations,  

Rhonda L. Lenton 
Présidente et vice-chancelière

New partnership to advance fight against global financial crime and support equity, diversity and inclusion in STEM

YFile Featured image Lassonde School of Engineering

The funding from Scotiabank provides $980,000 to support critical research into global financial crimes and security. It will be named the Scotiabank Lassonde Financial Crimes Research Initiative.

At a time when financial markets, technologies and products have become more complex and financial crimes are increasing, Canadian universities can play a critical role in addressing the global shortage of trained experts equipped to tackle these crimes – many of which can impact the most vulnerable such as children, newcomers and elderly.

On Sept. 13, York University announced a contribution from Scotiabank that will provide $980,000 to support a variety of initiatives at the Lassonde School of Engineering.

The funding will support research into global financial crimes and computer security, while also providing support for programs that advance equity, diversity and inclusion in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields.

“York University is profoundly grateful to Scotiabank for their generous investment of $980,000 in support of the Lassonde School of Engineering. This contribution reflects the shared commitment of York and Scotiabank to supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion in science, technology, engineering and math fields and to advancing the groundbreaking work of our researchers in the field of financial crime prevention,” said Rhonda L. Lenton, president and vice-chancellor of York University. “In recognition of this substantial investment, the fund that supports critical research in global financial crimes will be named the Scotiabank Lassonde Financial Crimes Research Initiative.”

Top row: From left, Lisa Cole, director of programming K21 Academy; Lassonde School of Engineering Dean Jane Goodyer; and Stuart Davis, executive vice president, Financial Crimes Risk Management, Scotiabank. Middle row: From left, York University President and Vice-Chancellor Rhonda L. Lenton, Lassonde School of Engineering third-year student Deinabo Richard-Koko; Uyen Nguyen, associate professor, Lassonde. Bottom row: From left, Charles Achampong, director, Community Partnerships, Scotiabank; E. Louise Spencer, acting vice-president advancement, York University; Josephine Morgenroth, PhD candidate, Lassonde School of Engineering and Faculty of Graduate Studies, York University.
Top row, from left: Lisa Cole, director of programming K21 Academy; Lassonde School of Engineering Dean Jane Goodyer; and Stuart Davis, executive vice-president, financial crimes risk management, Scotiabank. Middle row, from left: York University President and Vice-Chancellor Rhonda L. Lenton; Lassonde School of Engineering third-year student Deinabo Richard-Koko; Uyen Nguyen, associate professor, Lassonde. Bottom row, from left: Charles Achampong, director, community partnerships, Scotiabank; E. Louise Spencer, acting vice-president advancement, York University; Josephine Morgenroth, PhD candidate, Lassonde School of Engineering and Faculty of Graduate Studies, York University

This innovative research initiative will support the essential work of talented graduate students and advance research areas related to global financial crimes, which include Ponzi schemes, money laundering efforts and cryptocurrency-based crimes, along with other serious areas of crime such as human trafficking, wildlife trafficking, sexual exploitation and drug trafficking. 

“There is a significant shortage of people with the specialized skills and knowledge to do this work,” says Uyen T. Nguyen, associate professor at the Lassonde School of Engineering. “This research program will also prepare students and emerging scholars for jobs. We are also helping to further promote Toronto as a global financial hub, and providing professionals and expert specialists to the industry locally.”

This work has already shown promise in the real world, says Nguyen.

“This initiative with the Lassonde School of Engineering builds on a long history of collaboration between Scotiabank and York University, spanning five decades,” says Stuart Davis, executive vice-president of financial crimes risk management at Scotiabank. “We are thrilled to be working with Lassonde’s students and faculty on leading-edge research to inform techniques used to combat financial crimes risk, while promoting a shared purpose to advance social sustainability goals.”

As part of Scotiabank’s generous investment in activities that advance equity, diversity and inclusion, the Lassonde School of Engineering’s Helen Carswell STEAM Program for Women will also receive support to encourage participation from Grade 10 and 11 students from marginalized neighbourhoods in a unique eight-week program of paid research in the school’s lab, which conducts work related to the United Nations Sustainabile Development Goals. High-school students in the program will work on research projects related to engineering and science under the guidance of undergraduate research assistant mentors, high-school teachers and Lassonde faculty.

As well, Scotiabank will support Lassonde’s Kindergarten to Industry Academy – expanding the K2I Academy to three Greater Toronto Area school boards to further enhance Grade 9 to 12 science and mathematics programs. Lassonde’s K2I Academy is an innovative ecosystem of STEM educators, thought leaders and partners focused on bringing STEM experiences to youth, educators and communities. K2I Academy is working with partners from Kindergarten to industry to dismantle systemic barriers and build sustainable programs that diversify representation in STEM professions.

“These programs are not just about STEM education. It’s social justice work,” says Lisa Cole, director of programming at K2I Academy. “We want to make sure that every student has a chance to explore the subjects before they make a decision about their path of studies. We want them to see the possibilities for their futures and the social impact they can make.”

Deinabo Richard-Koko, a third-year Lassonde student and mentor with the K2I Academy, says the program is unique in that it shows students how to apply their learnings in real time. “Most people say: ‘What does this add to my life? I’m never going to use this again outside the classroom,’ ” says Richard-Koko. “But with the K2I Academy, students can see the real-time application of what they learned. They can actually use it.”

The support from Scotiabank is already having a huge impact on Lassonde’s programs.

“This funding allowed us to make critical enhancements. We were able to purchase materials and resources, like small electronic devices for engineering learning, to help engage students in hands-on learning,” says Cole. “Without this gift, we wouldn’t have the creative space that we need to innovate and develop outreach materials for our students.”

The goal of these initiatives is to remove systemic barriers to access for underrepresented students in STEM and increase student achievement and enrolment in the prerequisite courses needed to enter post-secondary studies in engineering.

“At Lassonde, we know how important it is to support students of all backgrounds,” says Jane Goodyer, dean of the Lassonde School of Engineering. “That’s why I am pleased we are collaborating with Scotiabank through a shared sense of purpose, determined to equip every student with the skills and values needed to succeed in STEM fields as they work toward a better future.”

President Lenton offers an update on Fall 2021 convocation

YFile Featured image VARI hall

After careful consideration, York University, Ryerson University, Seneca College and the University of Toronto have each made the difficult decision not to hold in-person fall convocation ceremonies.

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Dear community members, 

As we begin to welcome our community members back onto our campuses today, I want to provide you with an update on our Fall 2021 convocation ceremonies.  

After careful consideration, given the ongoing public health concerns resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic and current public health restrictions, York University, Ryerson University, Seneca College and the University of Toronto have each made the difficult decision not to hold in-person fall convocation ceremonies.  

Although each institution will have a unique approach to celebrating their graduates this year, we know that this news will still be disappointing to many of our community members.

Here at York, we are committed to ensuring that all of our graduates have the opportunity to join us for in-person celebrations when it is safe to do so, and we look forward to acknowledging the achievements of our graduates in person at a future date. In the meantime, the University is working to create a memorable virtual graduation celebration for this fall, which will include the delivery of special graduation packages containing diplomas and other commemorative items. We are also planning to enhance our fall celebration event with a variety of in-person activities, including diploma pickup and photo opportunities, as public health guidelines allow. More information on these plans will be shared with graduating students shortly. 

While we know the fall convocation ceremonies may look different than many of us had hoped, we remain incredibly proud of our graduating students, and the determination and perseverance they have shown throughout their time at York. Earning a university degree is a remarkable achievement at any time, but it is all the more extraordinary during a global pandemic. 

Rhonda L. Lenton
President and Vice-Chancellor

Mise à jour sur la remise des diplômes d’automne 2021

Chers membres de la communauté, 

Alors que nous commençons à accueillir les membres de notre communauté sur nos campus aujourd’hui, je souhaite vous fournir une mise à jour sur nos cérémonies de remise de diplômes de l’automne 2021.   

Après mûre réflexion, compte tenu des préoccupations actuelles de santé publique résultant de la pandémie de la COVID-19 et des restrictions sanitaires actuelles, l’Université York, l’Université Ryerson, le Collège Seneca et l’Université de Toronto ont pris la décision difficile de ne pas organiser de remise des diplômes en personne cet automne.  

Chaque établissement aura une approche unique pour célébrer ses diplômés cette année, mais nous comprenons que cette nouvelle sera décevante pour de nombreux membres de notre communauté.
À York, nous nous engageons à faire en sorte que tous nos diplômés et diplômées aient la possibilité de se joindre à nous pour des célébrations en personne lorsque cela sera sécuritaire. Nous avons hâte de reconnaître les réalisations de nos diplômés et diplômées lors d’une célébration en personne à une date ultérieure. Entre-temps, l’Université prépare une cérémonie virtuelle de remise des diplômes mémorable cet automne, qui comprendra la livraison de trousses spéciales contenant les diplômes et d’autres articles commémoratifs. Nous prévoyons également rehausser cette célébration d’automne en organisant diverses activités en personne, notamment la collecte des diplômes et des séances photo, si les directives de santé publique le permettent. Plus d’informations à ce sujet seront communiquées prochainement aux finissants et finissantes. 

Les cérémonies de remise des diplômes de cet automne seront différentes de nos espérances, mais nous sommes extrêmement fiers de nos diplômés et diplômées, de leur détermination et de leur persévérance tout au long de leur parcours à York. L’obtention d’un diplôme universitaire est toujours une réalisation marquante, mais elle l’est d’autant plus durant une pandémie mondiale. 

Sincères salutations, 

Rhonda L. Lenton
Présidente et vice-chancelière

Upload your proof of vaccination to YU Screen

Photo by Daniel Schludi on Unsplash

Since Sept. 7, almost 20,000 University community members have now uploaded their proof of vaccination through YU Screen.

Dear York community, 

I am very pleased to report that since Sept. 7, almost 20,000 University community members have now uploaded their proof of vaccination through YU Screen and that as of the start of this week, 96.3 per cent of our students, staff and faculty/instructors are fully vaccinated. This is welcomed news, as vaccines function as a critical line of defence in combination with other important public health measures to keep communities safe.

As a reminder, York’s Vaccination Mandate is now in effect and all staff, faculty and instructors are required to provide proof of vaccination using YU Screen. We are looking to have more members upload their proof to meet the key deadlines below.

Key dates

  • You must upload proof of having received a full vaccination series by Oct. 18 to meet the requirement to be fully vaccinated by Oct. 19.
  • To be considered fully vaccinated by Oct. 19, you must have received a full vaccination series by Oct. 5. 
  • If you are requesting an exemption, you will also need to upload your completed exemption form.
  • Between Sept. 7 and Oct. 18, if you are unvaccinated, partially vaccinated or have an approved exemption, please read these FAQs for details on what is required to access York’s campuses.
  • If you have not been fully vaccinated by Oct. 19, you will not be permitted to access York’s campuses.

Full details on the list of accepted vaccines, timelines for vaccination, testing requirements and locations can be found on the Better Together website.

Tips for uploading proof of vaccination

  • YU Screen can be accessed from the Better Together website via the web, smartphone, computer or tablet. 
  • Have your Passport York login information handy to access the tool.
  • As soon as you click on the YU Screen link, you will see a landing page where you can log in with your Passport York account.
  • Once you have logged in, under Start Screening, select Vaccination Record.
  • You will be asked a series of questions to identify your vaccination status and must upload proof to register your status.

Everyone is still encouraged to come to campus only for scheduled activities, and must continue using YU Screen daily before coming to York’s campuses. Thank you for continuing to keep our campuses safe this year. For more updates on York’s safe return to campus, please continue to visit the Better Together website. 


Parissa Safai
Special Advisor to the President for Academic Continuity Planning & COVID-19 Response

Téléchargez votre preuve de vaccination dans YU Dépistage 

Chers membres de la communauté de York, 

J’ai le plaisir de vous annoncer que depuis le 7 septembre, près de 20 000 membres de la communauté universitaire ont téléchargé leur preuve de vaccination dans YU Dépistage et qu’au début de cette semaine, 96,3 % de la population étudiante, du personnel et du corps professoral/enseignant sont entièrement vaccinés. Cette nouvelle est bienvenue, car les vaccins constituent une ligne de défense essentielle qui s’ajoute à d’autres mesures sanitaires importantes pour assurer la sécurité des communautés.

À titre de rappel, la politique de vaccination obligatoire de York est maintenant en vigueur et tous les employés, professeurs et enseignants doivent fournir une preuve de vaccination à l’aide de l’outil YU Dépistage. Nous souhaitons que davantage de membres de la communauté téléchargent leur preuve afin de respecter les échéances clés ci-dessous.

Dates importantes

  • Vous devez télécharger la preuve que vous avez reçu une série complète de vaccins avant le 18 octobre pour satisfaire à l’obligation d’être entièrement vacciné avant le 19 octobre.
  • Pour être considéré comme entièrement vacciné en date du 19 octobre, vous devez avoir reçu une série complète de vaccins avant le 5 octobre. 
  • Si vous demandez une exemption, vous devez également télécharger votre formulaire d’exemption dûment rempli.
  • Entre le 7 septembre et le 18 octobre, si vous n’êtes pas vacciné, si vous êtes partiellement vacciné ou si vous avez une exemption approuvée, veuillez consulter la FAQ pour savoir ce qu’il faut faire pour accéder aux campus de York.
  • Si vous n’êtes pas entièrement vacciné en date du 19 octobre, vous n’aurez pas l’autorisation d’accéder aux campus de York.

Vous trouverez sur le site Better Together tous les détails sur la liste des vaccins acceptés, les échéances de vaccination, les exigences en matière de dépistage et les emplacements des centres de dépistage

Conseils pour télécharger la preuve de vaccination

  • YU Dépistage est accessible à partir du site Better Together avec un téléphone intelligent, un ordinateur ou une tablette.  
  • Ayez vos identifiants Passport York à portée de la main pour accéder à l’outil.
  • Dès que vous cliquez sur le lien YU Dépistage, vous voyez : 
  • Une page d’accueil sur laquelle vous pouvez ouvrir une session avec votre compte Passport York.
  • Une fois la session ouverte, cliquez sur « Commencer le dépistage » et sélectionnez « Reçu de vaccination ».
  • Une série de questions vous sera posée pour déterminer votre statut vaccinal et vous devrez télécharger une preuve pour enregistrer votre statut vaccinal.

Tout le monde est encouragé à ne venir sur les campus que pour des activités prévues et doit continuer à utiliser YU Dépistage quotidiennement avant de venir. Nous vous remercions de continuer à assurer la sécurité de nos campus cette année. Pour plus d’informations sur le retour sécuritaire de York sur les campus, veuillez visiter le site Web Better Together

Sincères salutations, 

Parissa Safai
Conseillère spéciale de la présidente pour la planification de la continuité académique et la réponse à la COVID-19