York U in the news: gender stereotyping in tech, loud budgeting and more

ChatGPT’s use of a soundalike Scarlett Johansson reflects a troubling history of gender-stereotyping in technology
An op-ed by York University PhD candidate Alex Borkowski was published in the Conversation May 23.

Is ‘loud budgeting’ an inclusive conversation or an exclusive trend?
York University Professor Emeritus Chris Robinson was quoted on cbc.ca May 24.

What the International Criminal Court’s anticipated arrest warrants against Netanyahu and Hamas leaders mean for Canada
An op-ed by Osgoode Hall Law School Professor Heidi Matthews was published in the Conversation May 23.

This senator wants Canadian banks to fight climate change
Schulich School of Business Professor Olaf Weber was quoted in CBC News May 27.

Brampton had highest number of international students living in ‘unsuitable’ housing in Canada: StatsCan
Luisa Sotomayor, director of the City Institute at York University, was quoted in the Toronto Star May 24.

Why are ‘procedurals’ good for cop shows but not for architecture?
York University Professor Mark Hayward was quoted in Canadian Reviews May 25.

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