York U in the news: data sharing apps, bumblebee populations under threat and more

To decommodify the data economy, first fix data-sharing period-tracking apps
An op-ed by York University Professor Natasha Tusikov was published on cigionline.org May 13.

Bumblebee populations under threat as nests overheat due to climate change, U of G researchers find
York University Professor Laurence Packer was quoted in CBC News May 13.

Mississauga mayoral hopefuls race to fundraise ahead of election
York University Professor Dennis Pilon was quoted in CBC News May 16.

Queen’s University divestment easier said than done, says business expert
Schulich School of Business Professor Olaf Weber was quoted in Global News May 15.

Opinion: What’s in a word? OHL’s Landon Sim suspension raises questions
York University Distinguished Research Professor Sheila Embleton was quoted in The Hockey News May 13.

McGill University has placed among the world’s best schools in a new global ranking
York University was mentioned in Canadian Reviews May 15.

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