York U in the news: social media experiment, self-serving bias and more

York University students cut out social media for a week. The results ‘amazed’ researchers
York University Professor Jennifer Mills was quoted in the Toronto Star May 6.

Self-serving bias: How we distort our beliefs about others to feel better
Schulich School of Business Professor Alexander Coutts was quoted on Earth.com May 6.

History repeats itself as Columbia University cracks down on student protests
An op-ed by York University Professor Jack L. Rozdilsky was published in the Conversation May 3.

Pierre Poilievre called lobbyists ‘utterly useless,’ but they’re still attending his fundraisers
York University Professor Ian Stedman was quoted in CBC News May 7.

With so many employers scouring social media, how can posting be worth it?
Schulich School of Business Adjunct Professor Martin Waxman was quoted in Vancouver is Awesome May 7.

$15 million research project to boost Canada’s pandemic preparedness
York University was mentioned in the University of Windsor’s DailyNews May 7.

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