York U in the news: ice on Mars, medical transparency and more

Drilling for water ice on Mars: How close are we to making it happen?
York University Professor Isaac Smith was quoted on space.com March 24.

The royal treatment: why Kate and King Charles’ transparency about their battles with cancer matters
Ruth Vanstone, a PhD candidate in clinical psychology at York University, was quoted on EverythingZoomer.com March 22.

Bridging gaps and building opportunities
Raymond Peart, co-ordinator of the ASD program at York University, was quoted in University Affairs Feb. 28.

The one factor that destroys women’s careers, says research (it’s not kids!)
An op-ed by York University Adjunct Professor Jan Hill was published on YourTango.com March 22,

Here’s hoping Americans do a reality check before presidential election: McElroy
A letter to the editor by York University Professor Emeritus Tom McElroy was published in the Hill Times March 25.

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