York U in the news: mutual aid, measles outbreaks and more

Mutual aid is a lifeline
York University Professor Yvonne Su was quoted in Chatelaine March 4.

Measles in Canada: What to know about rising cases and increased vaccine hesitancy
York University Professor Jane Heffernan was quoted in the National Post March 4.

Air Canada joins WestJet in hiking checked-bag fee. Could carry-on charges be next?
York University Professor Fred Lazar was quoted in Radio Canada International March 1.

WestJet, Air Canada to charge more for checked baggage
York University Professor Fred Lazar was interviewed on Global News March 2.

NAISA exhibit in South River showcases sunspot activity
York University instructor Dan Tapper was quoted on BayToday.ca March 2.

‘Bad news for Canada’: Businesses decry ‘anti-scab’ bill – but unions say not so fast
York University Professor Steven Tufts was quoted in the Toronto Star March 5.

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