York U in the news: talking to whales, explaining the micro moon and more

How first contact with whale civilization could unfold
York University Professor Kristin Andrews was quoted in The Atlantic Feb. 24.

What’s a ‘micro moon’? Here’s why Saturday’s full moon over southern Ontario might appear smaller than usual
York University Professor Elaina Hyde was quoted in the Toronto Star Feb. 24.

Does a university undergraduate degree lead to a ‘good job?’ It depends what you mean
An op-ed by York University Professor Thomas Klassen was published in the Conversation Feb. 22.

Vezina: Why a working telephone is better than a zombie apocalypse
An op-ed by York University instructor Alex Vezina was published in the Toronto Sun Feb. 23.

Elite Africa Project shines light on the creativity, expertise and power that thrives on the continent
York University Professor Gerald Bareebe was mentioned in U of T News Feb. 23.

Should U of T require classes about Black history?
York University was mentioned in the Varsity Feb. 26.

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