Winter Well-being Week to focus on physical and nutritional health

Students walking near subway on Keele Campus in winter

A university cannot thrive without a healthy community of students, staff and faculty behind it. To address that need, York University’s Well-being Week is intended to keep wellness front of mind and ensure the appropriate resources are available to community members who seek them. From March 4 to 8, York’s Winter Well-being Week will feature a series of events centred around this term’s theme of “Caring for Your Physical and Nutritional Health.”

The University-wide campaign, which runs three times per calendar year, provides opportunities for York community members to explore and reflect on their personal well-being journeys. The events lined up for this Winter Well-being Week, to be held both virtually and in-person, will encourage and support them in prioritizing their physical and nutritional health this term and beyond.

The diverse range of workshops, webinars, activities and promotions will include pickleball, trauma-informed yoga, informative tabling events and more. Participants are invited to share their experiences on social media by using the hashtag #YUWellbeing.

“These well-being-focused events at York aim to increase awareness about the different dimensions of well-being, share valuable resources for personal and communal growth, and provide opportunities for social connection,” said Mary Catherine Masciangelo, assistant vice-president of human resources and chief human resources officer.

York’s Well-being Strategy update

York University is developing a comprehensive, five-year Well-being Strategy as part of its ongoing efforts to embed wellness throughout its campuses. This strategy is a collaborative effort between the Division of Students and the Division of Equity, People & Culture (EPC) at York University. As part of the University’s efforts to provide transparency into this process, updates on the Well-being Strategy’s progress will continue to be released through YFile and York’s Well-being website.

As part of the strategy’s development, the Well-being Strategy Executive Committee gathered community feedback in the Fall 2023 term from students, staff, faculty and instructors.

“We truly appreciate how many community members made time to participate,” said Laina Bay-Cheng, vice-president, EPC. “Their feedback is essential to creating a meaningful and worthwhile strategy. The strategy team is now reviewing the data gathered from this period and will integrate it into the final Well-being Strategy, which we anticipate launching in Fall 2024.”

To learn more about Well-being Week, its events and to register for sessions, visit York’s Well-being Week web page. For additional resources and support related to well-being at York University, visit York’s Well-being website.