Lassonde, Schulich form new international partnership

York University’s Lassonde School of Engineering and the Schulich School of Business have deepened their international relationships through a new memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) in Shenzhen, China.

Lassonde and Schulich have opened their doors to students from SUSTech’s College of Engineering with what’s known as a 3+1+1 agreement. Civil engineering, materials science and engineering, or mechanical engineering students will first complete three (3) years of undergraduate studies at SUSTech in China. Then, they will be able to complete their fourth year (+1) at Lassonde. Then, in their fifth year (+1), they can enrol in one of four master’s programs at Schulich: Management, Business Analytics, Artificial Intelligence or Supply Chain Management.

Detlev Zwick
Detlev Zwick
Jane Goodyer
Jane Goodyer

For Lassonde, in particular, the MOU is an exciting development, marking its first international 3+1+1 agreement. Dean Jane Goodyer, who travelled to Shenzhen to sign the agreement, praised the future possibilities of the partnership. “It offers mutual benefits not only for our students but also for our esteemed institutions, creating a unique platform for cross-cultural exchange and learning,” she said in remarks given during her visit. “We welcome these future SUSTech students in our family.”

In the process, up to 10 SUSTech students at a time will be obtaining two degrees within a five-year period: a bachelor of engineering from SUSTech and a master’s degree from Schulich.

Detlev Zwick, dean of Schulich, who also was present for the signing, noted in his own remarks, “The program is designed to open valuable career pathways and opportunities for your students.He added, “The 3+1+1 program brings together the strengths of your institution with the business and engineering strengths of Schulich and Lassonde.”

This partnership builds on York’s existing institutional relationships in China, including with Peking University, the University of Hong Kong and Fudan University. It came together not only through SUSTech’s College of Engineering Dean Zhenghe Xu’s long-standing connections with faculty from Lassonde but through his relationship with Goodyer, with whom he sits on the executive committee of the Global Engineering Deans Council. The two deans decided to put their heads together and come up with a way to take advantage of the two schools’ natural compatibility, due to both being relatively new and dynamic schools with powerful drives to innovate.

From left to right: Lassonde Dean Jane Goodyer, SUStech Dean of Engineering Zhenge Xu, Schulich Dean Detlev Zwick.
The three deans at the official signing of the 3+1+1 agreement.
From left to right: Lassonde Dean Jane Goodyer; Dean of SUStech’s College of Engineering, Zhenge Xu; and Schulich Dean Detlev Zwick.

“The distinctiveness of this model lies not only in its international aspect but also in its interdisciplinary approach,” says Goodyer. “It combines the strengths of two engineering schools with a business school, creating a pathway for international students to attain both a top-tier engineering degree and a premier business master’s degree. It’s a win-win.”

The 3+1+1 partnership is expected to fully come into effect with the arrival of students at York by Fall 2025.

For questions regarding this program and partnership, contact Professor Richard Hornsey, associate dean academic and students at the Lassonde School of Engineering, at