Passings: Lillian Lerman

A field of flowers at sunset

York University Professor Emerita Lillian Lerman, a former undergraduate program director of the Division of Social Science in the Faculty of Arts (now the Department of Social Science in the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies), passed away on Jan. 26.

A longtime and beloved member of the York University community, Lerman was a lecturer and academic leader who had the unique ability to bring people together in one of the most expansive areas of the University. Beyond her academic and administrative excellence, she was a trusted mentor and friend to many students, professors and staff.

After her retirement in 1991, the Lillian Lerman Book Prize – a $100 award for the most outstanding student essay in a 1000-level social science course – was established in her honour to recognize her dedication and contribution to undergraduate teaching.

Lerman will be deeply missed by a host of family, friends and colleagues.