York to test its emergency notification system on Jan. 24 

York University prioritizes the safety and security of its community.  To ensure that all community members know what to expect and do in an emergency situation, the Department of Community Safety will be conducting its bi-annual test of York University’s Emergency Notification System (ENS) on Wednesday, Jan. 24 at noon.

This test is taking place in accordance with York’s emergency management policy with the intent to promote the safety of students, faculty, staff, and visitors and help ensure the continuance of critical University operations during emergency scenarios.  

It will include email, push notifications and alerts through the YorkU Safety App, digital messaging screens on campus, and the public announcement (PA) system. To clearly indicate that it is a test, the word “test” will precede the alert on all devices. In case of a real emergency, the test will be cancelled and the community will be notified. 

Testing the emergency notification system may cause anxiety or stress for some members of our campus community. If you are experiencing difficulties or need support, please visit https://www.yorku.ca/well-being/finding-help/.  

Download the York U Safety App to ensure you receive timely and important community safety notices. 


Why is York testing the emergency notification system? 

York tests its emergency notification system twice a year to ensure all community members know how they will be notified in the event of an emergency situation. This test will also confirm functionality of all components of the system as part of regular emergency preparedness activities.  

How long will the test be? 

The test is scheduled to last for approximately 10-15 minutes. It is important to note that while efforts will be made to ensure the test runs on schedule, there may be slight variations to the anticipated timing.  

Will the test take place at all of York’s campuses? 

Email and YorkU safety app notification will occur for community members across all campuses. Testing of the public address system and digital messaging screens will take place on Keele and Glendon campuses only.  

Will the public address system be heard in classrooms? 

The public address system test will be heard anywhere there are speakers installed, including hallways, common areas and large classrooms.