Workshop to support employee mental health, well-being 

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On Jan. 24 at 10 a.m., the Division of Equity, People & Culture is offering a training workshop for employees that aims to support community members’ sense of well-being, specifically those who may want to learn more about how to stay well when bearing witness to suffering.

The session is facilitated by TEND, an organization that provides tools and strategies for helping professionals in high-stress environments, and titled Secondary Traumatic Stress & Empathic Strain: Understanding the Foundational Concepts of Trauma-Exposed Work. It will also dive into questions around the impact of hearing, seeing, and reading about daily trauma and unpacking how this can lead to experiences of secondary traumatic stress and empathetic strain – also known as compassion fatigue.

Expected learning outcomes include: 

  • identifying your risk factors for secondary traumatic stress and empathic strain;
  • developing strategies to take stock, reduce trauma exposure and reset; and
  • making a plan for sustainable change. 

Register here:

Employees must register with their York University email address to access the training. All participants who register will have access to a recording of the training for 30 days and will receive credit for attending on their YU Learn record if they attend on the day of the live training. Employees must advise their manager if they plan to attend the training.   

The University has resources and supports that are available to every York community member. The Employee & Family Assistance Program, which is available to all York staff, faculty and their dependents, is a confidential service that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.