York U in the news: fossil fuels, antibiotic resistance and more

Only hope for our global village is to phase out fossil fuels, and CCS is a sham: McElroy
A letter to the editor by York University Professor Emeritus Tom McElroy was published in the Hill Times Jan. 8.

Antibiotic resistance is a growing threat – is climate change making it worse?
York University Professor Steven Hoffman was mentioned in Nature Jan. 8.

How George Brown helped create Canada in spite of himself
York University Professor Marcel Martel was quoted in the Globe and Mail Jan. 6.

How to watch a rare total solar eclipse across eastern Canada this year
York University Professor Elaina Hyde was quoted on CTVNews.ca Jan. 8.

Here’s how a Canada-wide plastics registry could save you money
York University research scientist Calvin Lakhan was quoted in CBC News Jan. 6.

Bruce Pardy: WHO health treaty a convenient cover for more government overreach
York University Professor Steven Hoffman was mentioned in the National Post Jan. 9.

U of T community members recognized with Order of Canada
York University Professor Emerita Wenona Giles was mentioned in U of T News Jan. 5.

An American legal scholar flees the divisive politics of Florida – and finds a home in Toronto
York University’s Osgoode Hall Law School was mentioned in the Globe and Mail Jan. 8.

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