York U in the news: online discount marketplace, RSV vaccines and more

‘It’s very addictive’: Temu hooks shoppers amid concerns about online discount marketplace in Canada
Schulich School of Business Professor Markus Giesler was quoted in CTV News Jan. 3.

How RSV vaccines could save a lot of lives and money
York University Professor Seyed Moghadas was quoted in Futurity Jan. 3.

Vezina: Good news and bad news in eliminating telephone landlines
An op-ed by York University instructor Alex Vezina was published in the Toronto Sun Jan. 2.

Barutciski: Has Canada’s asylum system fallen victim to ideology?
An op-ed by York University Professor Michael Barutciski was published in the Ottawa Citizen Jan. 2.

Little evidence linking five ‘love languages’ to healthy relationships, researchers say
York University Professor Amy Muise was mentioned in U of T News Jan. 4.

New year will be one of highlighting Indigenous perspectives at APL
York University Professor Ruth Green was mentioned in the Peterborough Examiner Jan. 4.

Rats also have imaginations – research gave clues about the brains of rodents
York University Professor Shayna Rosenbaum was quoted in the Observatorial Jan. 5.

‘Vilification of Dundas is unfounded’: Activists try to preserve Dundas name on city landmarks
York University Professor Emeritus Nick Rogers was mentioned in the National Post Dec. 31.

The environmental costs of EV batteries that politicians don’t tend to talk about
York University Professor Mark Winfield was quoted in CBC News Dec. 30.

Punjabi participants wanted for paid York University study in Mississauga, Brampton, and rest of GTA
York University was mentioned on Insauga.com Jan. 3.

‘Unique’: CN Tower, Rideau Canal, Peace Tower, Caribbean Carnival, ROM, Stratford Festival all for sale in new Ontario-Opoly board game, just like Monopoly but with Ontario twist
York University was mentioned in the Toronto Star Jan. 1.

Here’s to health and wellness
York University was mentioned on ocalastyle.com Jan. 1.

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