Celebrating 2023: revisit York’s top 10 moments

best of yu, diverse group of students at bench

York University celebrated transformative moments in 2023, with each one contributing to its drive to make positive change. From groundbreaking research milestones to community-driven initiatives, the University selected its top 10 moments that uphold York’s mission and values.

As a multi-campus University, York’s Faculties, divisions, units, faculty members, staff, and students take pride in their successes and deserve to be recognized. Faculty and students at York ignited new horizons in research, unravelling mysteries and pioneering solutions that shaped our world. Staff dedication paved avenues of inclusivity and support, fostering an environment where every voice resonates. The York community collaborated with external partners to become a driving force, channelling boundless energy into initiatives that reverberated locally and globally.

These monumental milestones weren’t just moments; they were movements. They reshaped narratives, empowered communities and redefined what it means to drive change.

These top 10 moments encapsulated the spirit of unity and teamwork, embodying diverse talents and visions and putting them into action. They stand as testaments to York’s commitment to excellence and its unwavering resolve to shape a brighter future together.

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