York U in the news: solar energy, electoral reform and more

Ray of light: This Toronto company is helping cities tackle climate change
Mike Layton, chief sustainability officer at York University, was quoted in the Toronto Star Dec. 6.

Broken promises and a broken system: What happened to electoral reform?
York University Professor Dennis Pilon was quoted on TheDiscourse.ca Dec. 7.

Pioneering program at York has students working full-time
Richard Hornsey
, York University’s associate dean academic and students, was quoted in University Affairs Dec. 1.

Microaggressions at work take a heavy toll: Exhaustion, humiliation, burnout
York University PhD student Ika Washington was quoted on VancouverIsAwesome.com Dev. 7.

What happened to…. ? the 1981 Toronto bathhouse raids
York University Professor Tom Hooper was quoted in Global News Dec. 7.

Waterfront Toronto announces new accessibility advisory committee
York University PhD candidate Diane Kolin was mentioned in Ontario Construction News Dec. 7.

Old disease, new tricks: A novel approach to understanding gout
York University Professor Ali Abdul-Sater was mentioned in The Rheumatologist Dec. 7.

Beyond rigidity: The rise of flexible electronics
York University was mentioned on wevolver.com Dec. 7.

Tennis stadium will be transformed into Toronto’s newest live music venue
York University was mentioned in Canadian Reviews Dec. 6.

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