Help support a safe and healthy workplace at York

Students walk through the centre of the Keele Campus

York community members interested in strengthening our safe and healthy workplace environment are invited to apply for vacant positions on the University’s Joint Health and Safety Committees (JHSCs).

York University is a large organization with 23 JHSCs established based on work location/department/Faculty, which deal with their specific hazards and work areas. Each of these 23 committees consist of employee and management representatives that work in a collaborative partnership to continuously improve workplace health and safety. The role of a JHSC member is primarily advisory, but also includes distinct rights and responsibilities.

The JHSCs regularly seek members who are passionate about workplace safety and want to collegially collaborate and contribute to a safe workplace for all. Prior experience is not required and training is available for all members.

Additionally, members are recognized at the annual Joint Health and Safety Committee Appreciation Event, which was held on Nov. 23 this year.

“The University values our Joint Health and Safety Committees as an integral part of the Internal Responsibility System at York. On behalf of the University, we sincerely appreciate the dedication and effort our JHSC members put forth to strengthen health and safety and our culture of well-being,” said Mary Catherine Masciangelo, assistant vice-president of human resources and chief human resources officer.

The half-day event, sponsored by York’s Health, Safety and Employee Well-Being unit, recognizes contributions and successes of the University’s JHSCs from all York campuses and sites. Committee members gather to participate in learning and development activities, and share best practices to further enhance the health and safety culture in the workplace. JHSC members who exemplify dedication, collaboration and leadership receive certificates for their contributions.

To learn more, visit the JHSC website where you will find a list of vacancies, as well as resources to learn more about the role and how to be appointed to a committee.