York U in the news: homeless crisis, coerced adoptions and more

Growing number of homeless people turning to ERs for shelter and warmth in Ontario, study says
York University Professor Stephen Gaetz was quoted on cbc.ca Nov. 28.

Salvation Army sues Manitoba family services agencies after allegations unmarried moms coerced into adoptions
York University Professor Suzanne Chiodo was quoted in CBC News Dec. 2.

Rise to the Climate Challenge: Accounting for the Future of Agribusiness  
Schulich School of Business Professor Charles Cho was mentioned in St. Mary’s University News Dec. 4.

What it actually means to listen to detransitioners
York University Professor Kinnon MacKinnon was mentioned in Slate Dec. 1.

15 Canadian books to mark International Day of Persons with Disabilities
York University Professor nancy viva davis was mentioned on cbc.ca Dec. 3.

Dances with Robots Releases A Conversation with Catie Cuan
Sarah Bay-Cheng, dean of York University’s School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design, was mentioned on BroadwayWorld.com Dec. 1.

Honouring diversity in all its forms
York University Professor Agnès Berthelot-Raffard was mentioned in UM News Dec. 1.

Neri Colmenares forum at York U
York University Professor Ethel Tungohan was mentioned in the Philippine Reporter Dec. 1.

Contract faculty in York University relying on food banks to get by, union says
York University was mentioned in the National Post Dec. 1.

Ontario universities are running out of money and time, report says
York University was mentioned in the Toronto Star Dec. 1.

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