York U in the news: northern lights, four-day work weeks and more

Trump vs. Biden, the sequel, is a battle of two older men with big liabilities
An op-ed written by York University Professor Thomas Klassen was published in The Conversation Nov. 6.

Unpacking Elon Musk’s convoluted U.S.-Mexico border visit
York University Professor Yvonne Su published an op-ed in The Conversation Nov. 6.

Why we could see more bouts of intense northern lights in the next year
York University Professor Paul Delaney was quoted by CTV News Nov. 6.

AI influencers: Why big brands are turning to virtual trendsetters
York University Professor Jennifer S. Mills was interviewed by Global News Nov. 3.

Choices in clock change debate
York University Professor Patricia Lakin-Thomas was interviewed by City News Nov. 3.

‘We’re like prisoners’: Concerns mount about the rapid increase in foreign workers on farms as Canada races toward almost $100-billion in food exports
York University Professor Fay Faraday was quoted in the St. Catherine’s Standard Nov. 3.

Your favourite paper towel brand may be cut from Canada’s boreal forest
York University’s Peri Dworatzek was interviewed on CTV News Nov. 3.

Meet SARIT, an Electric Three-Wheeler That Looks Like a Car but Drives Like a Motorcycle
York University, and its involvement with a SARIT pilot project, were mentioned on Autoevolution Nov. 6.

Study shows how well four-day work weeks are going over in Canada
A York University study was mentioned on BlogTO Nov. 6.

Calculate how much more your mortgage will cost as interest rates rise
York University Professor Alan Marshall was mentioned on CBC.ca Nov. 3.

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