Talk explores impact of Canada’s social inclusion strategy on Greece

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York University’s Department of Sociology will host a discussion on Nov. 16 that delves into Canada’s strategy for promoting social inclusion among Indigenous and vulnerable communities, and how it could inform Greek policymakers.

The talk, titled “Social Exclusion of Roma, Indigenous People and Irregular Migrants,” aims to offer valuable insights for Greek policymakers seeking to tackle the issues confronting marginalized groups, including the Roma community, migrants and undocumented individuals.

The talk emphasizes the crucial endeavour of aligning equitable ideals with the current social landscape.

Gemechu Abeshu
Gemechu Abeshu
Andriani Papdopoulou
Andriani Papdopoulou

Participants will learn from guest speaker Andriani Papadopoulou, a senior investigator in the human rights and equal treatment departments of the Greek Ombudsman. Papadopoulou earned her PhD in sociology from York University in 1994, and her work revolves
around combatting discrimination and examining the ways though which socially vulnerable groups sustain and reinvent their heritage in their new-found societies.

The event’s discussant, Gemechu Abeshu, is a postdoctoral Fellow in York’s Department of Sociology and his research interests include forced displacements, racialized refugee integration and non-state political power forms. Abeshu has a PhD in social anthropology from Bayreuth University, Germany.

The event is co-sponsored by York’s Department of Sociology (Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies), the Department of Sociology Maurice Manel Colloquium Fund, York’s Resource Centre for Public Sociology, York’s Centre for Refugee Studies and the York Research Chair in Political Sociology of Health (Cary Wu).

It takes place in S802 Ross Building on the Keele Campus from 2:30 to 4 p.m. and is a hybrid event. RSPV by Nov. 9 using this form.

To attend virtually over Zoom, use this link and enter meeting ID: 972 3631 5327 and passcode: 020005.