York experts to lead discussion on aging in community lecture

Older adults in conversation
Group Of Senior Friends Chatting At Home Together

Experts from York University and Mackenzie Health will come together for a panel discussion on Nov. 6, in collaboration with the City of Vaughan, to shed light on the complex journey of aging.

This collaborative event, titled “Aging into the Future,” aims to explore the fundamental themes of health equity, empowerment and the significance of relationships between health-care providers, communities and families.

Taking place at Vaughan City Hall from 6:30 to 8 p.m., the community lecture is poised to unite thought leaders and professionals in an engaging and insightful conversation on innovative strategies to transform the landscape of older adult care. Experts will share insights on how researchers, health-care practitioners and policymakers are working to enhance the quality of life for older adults.

Panellists at the event are:

  • York University Professor Tamara Daly, an award-winning professor of health policy and equity, the director of the York University Centre of Aging Research & Education (YU-CARE), and the director of the Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council Partnership Grant Imagine Aging;
  • York University Associate Professor Mary Fox, a world-renowned expert in gerontological nursing and a health services researcher; and
  • Dr. Dmitriy Petrov, a practising geriatrician at Mackenzie Health with expertise in neurodegeneration and frailty.

Fox says that current policy emphasis on early hospital discharge helps avoid the risks associated with extended hospital stays for older people, but also leads to them being discharged “quicker and sicker.”

“Consequently, it is essential that older peoples and their families know how to manage care once home,” says Fox. “Health-care professionals, such as nurses, are pivotal in preparing them to manage such care. As a society, we need to ensure that health-care professionals have the support they need to fulfill this role.”

At York, she says researchers work closely with clinical leaders in developing health-care strategies that address the needs of an aging population.

The aim of YU-CARE is to support and promote the work of its researchers and graduate trainees who study changes, challenges and policies to support aging at individual, organizational and societal levels. The research conducted at YU-CARE encompasses ageism, aging policy, healthy aging, equity, health determinants, health services, diversity, gender, care settings and more.

“The experience of aging is not cut in stone. We have the capacity to imagine how we want our communities to be well supported as they age,” says Daly. “York researchers conduct leading-edge research exploring the needs of older people and their care teams as well as assessing how well our health and social care systems are functioning. It is vital to have conversations about what works – here and elsewhere – to help shape the future for us all.”

The event, moderated by Jill Dempsey, a veteran CBC Radio personality and York University alum, is open to the public and registration is recommended.