Student Systems Renewal Program launches first phase of engagement tool

Women in casual business attire browsing through paper documents and tablets

As a significant milestone towards transforming the student, staff and faculty experience at York University, the Student Systems Renewal Program (SSRP) has launched Release 1 of the new Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) solution.

The CRM is an engagement tool that manages recruitment, application, and admission of future students and connects current students to advising supports.

This is the first release in a phased rollout plan for the project, with future releases of CRM still to come. Release 1 went live on Tuesday, Sept. 26 and will be leveraged by those who require access to the student profile, as well as recruitment and engagement functions.

With its full suite of seven projects, the SSRP is introducing new online systems and processes to transform the student experience at York. In doing so, it aims to elevate the experience for staff and faculty members who play a pivotal role in supporting student success. Once fully rolled out, the new CRM will be the engagement tool used throughout each phase of the student lifecycle – beginning when a high-school student first indicates they are interested in attending York, through to each phase of their student journey.

Release 1 of CRM focuses on the beginning of the student lifecycle, with functionality for student and prospect profiles, along with new engagement and communications capabilities for all students. It simplifies how faculty and staff communicate with students and each other, provides a consistent set of tools to manage student recruitment events (such as high-school visit bookings) and efficiently connects York to potential prospects. The new CRM also streamlines student profiles and introduces automated marketing and communications for both future and current students, helping to create email campaigns, surveys and ongoing communications to the right people, with the most relevant information. 

Release 1 of CRM lays the foundation for the wider implementation of the full system. Currently, only select users have access to the newest functions for their roles, but eventually CRM will be accessible to a wider audience at York.

Release 1 brings wide-ranging advantages to the entire York community. For instance, the new functions for prospective students will set the tone for how York interacts with students. Ensuring a positive student experience means maintaining unwavering consistency in engagement and support, starting at the very beginning of the student journey.

Further updates on the SSRP and its transformational projects, including more engagement functions that will be delivered in future CRM releases, are forthcoming. For more program information, visit the SSRP website at