Nominate a candidate for honorary degree at York

Dr. Denis Mukwege with York University President Rhonda Lenton and Chancellor Kathleen Taylor

The Senate Sub-Committee on Honorary Degrees and Ceremonials encourages members of the York University community to submit nominations for honorary degrees.

The awarding of honorary degrees is an important feature of Convocation at York University. By recognizing individuals whose achievements represent the values York cherishes, whose benefactions have strengthened the community and the institution, and whose public lives are deemed worthy of emulation, the act of awarding honorary degrees enriches Convocation for our graduands and guests.

A candidate for an honorary degree must meet one or more of the following general criteria:

  1. has eminence in their field;
  2. has demonstrated service to humankind, Canada, Ontario, York University or a particular community in a significant manner;
  3. has provided a significant benefaction to the University; and/or
  4. is someone whose public contributions to society are worthy of emulation.

To nominate a candidate, complete a nomination form and submit it along with two letters of support. The material is treated as confidential and should not be disclosed to the nominee.

Detailed guidelines on nomination requirements, process and answers to frequently asked questions can be found on the website. Questions about the requirements or process should be directed to Pamela Persaud at or Elaine MacRae at For reference, a list of honorary degree recipients is available on the website.

Completed nomination packages may be submitted electronically to or