York U in the news: benefits of bilingualism, opioid lawsuit and more

Speaking another language can open so many doors
York University Professor Ellen Bialystok was quoted in the Toronto Star Sept. 29.

Quebec to introduce bill enabling it to join class-action lawsuit over opioid harms
Osgoode Hall Law School Professor Suzanne Chiodo was quoted in the Globe and Mail Oct. 1.

50 years of hip-hop: Its social and political power resonates far beyond its New York birthplace
An op-ed by York University instructor Anna Lippman was published in the Conversation Oct. 2.

Chow attempts to tackle major issues facing Toronto nearly 100 days post-election
York University Professor Zachary Spicer was quoted in City News Oct. 2.

Indian refugee claims in Canada began rising after Prime Minister Modi took power, data shows
Osgoode Hall Law School Professor Sean Rehaag was quoted in CBC News Sept. 30.

Opinion: Canada has only ever been an extra on the global stage
York University Professor Emeritus Bruce Smardon was mentioned on SaskToday.ca Oct. 2.

One year of ABHD2 – where are we now?
York University Professor Derek Wilson was mentioned on openlabnotebooks.org Oct. 2.

Earth matters: slick talk from the fox in the COP28 henhouse; bringing back redwoods and grizzlies
York University Professor Sapna Sharma was mentioned in Daily Kos Oct. 1.

First hint of asteroid sample promises ‘lifetime of work’ for Canadian scientists
York University Professor Mike Daly was mentioned in the Globe and Mail Sept. 29.

Goblins, ghosts, superstition take the stage at Stratford Festival
York University Professor Emeritus Ross Stuart was mentioned on StratfordToday.ca Sept. 29.

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