York U in the news: prof’s Indigenous heritage, artificial intelligence code of conduct and more

Phoebe’s sad struggle from Six Nations to Hamilton’s North End to a pauper’s grave
York University Professor Bill Wicken was quoted in the Hamilton Spectator Sept. 26.

Canadian tech companies sign on to AI code of conduct as law evolves
York University Professor Natasha Tusikov was quoted in the Globe and Mail Sept. 28.

Tony the swan is attacking Sea-Doos in Toronto’s harbour. What’s got him so angry?
York University Professor Gail Fraser was quoted in the Toronto Star Sept. 29.

Scientists have observed antimatter free-falling due to gravity for the first time
York University Professor Emeritus Scott Menary was quoted on CTVNews.ca Sept. 28.

Ontario plans ambitious nuclear expansion as electricity demand soars
York University Professor Mark Winfield was mentioned on WeeklyVoice.com Sept. 28.

With Justin Trudeau’s apology over, time to open secret Nazi files | Toronto Sun
York University Professor Irving Abella was mentioned in the Toronto Sun Sept. 27.

Virginia Tech researchers awarded grant to increase understanding of industrial hemp
York University was mentioned in InvesBrain Sept. 28.

First reading: The shambling, embarrassing aftermath of Canada feting a Nazi
York University was mentioned in the National Post Sept. 27.

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