York U in the news: the psychology of mattering, LEGO’s recycled plastics dilemma and more

Want to believe in yourself? ‘Mattering’ is key
York University Professor Gordon Flett was quoted in the New York Times Sept. 27.

LEGO had a plan to go green. They’ve hit a roadblock
York University research associate Calvin Lakhan was quoted in the Toronto Star Sept. 26.

House of Old exhibit relates COVID nursing home horror stories
York University Professor Megan Davies was quoted in the Manitoulin Expositor Sept. 27.

Still a long road for Laurentian to travel, says interim pres
York University Professor Sheila Embleton was quoted on sudbury.com Sept.26.

‘It’s about exploration’: University of Calgary professor to study NASA asteroid sample
York University Professor Michael Daly was mentioned in the Calgary Herald Sept. 26.

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