Academic integrity and student success: join the conversation

Academic integrity month students

York University’s second annual Academic Integrity Month, taking place in October, invites faculty, students and staff to join a series of workshops and activities developed to help deepen understanding of the topic.

The York-wide event series aims to broaden knowledge of academic integrity through this year’s theme: Connecting the Community. The spotlight is on innovative academic integrity approaches from the York community that facilitate new thinking about the topic and new ways to foster student success.

Organizers from the Office of the Vice-Provost Academic will present four events specifically designed for students, with a focus on: how to demonstrate academic integrity; sources and citing; academic skills, such as time management and group work; English-as-a-second-language theme classes; and using ChatGPT and artificial intelligence (AI).

The full list of student-focused events is here.

For faculty, instructors and staff, each week includes a variety of presentations, workshops and courses that delve into topics including: academic integrity and group work; AI and education; designing assessments; and more.

The full list of these events, listed by week, is here.

For more information and to register for a session, visit the Academic Integrity Month website.