York U in the news: food safety, adverse drug reactions and more

Vezina: We’re good at food safety today, but not perfect
An op-ed by York University instructor Alex Vezina was published in the Toronto Sun Sept. 14.

Nearly half of hospitals failed to report adverse drug reactions despite laws requiring them to, analysis finds
York University Professor Emeritus Joel Lexchin was quoted in the Globe and Mail Sept. 15.

How Premier Doug Ford’s self-described friend got land removed from the Greenbelt
York University Professor Ian Stedman was quoted in CBC News Sept. 15.

Maternal care provides lifelong health benefits to carpenter bees
York University Professor Sandra Rehan was quoted on earth.com Sept. 14.

Bees without mothers more prone to disease: study
York University Professor Sandra Rehan was quoted on ktbs.com Sept. 14.

A Canadian instrument made NASA’s asteroid retrieval possible – and its job is still not over
Lassonde School of Engineering Professor Mike Daly was quoted on CTVNews.ca Sept. 14.

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