Webinar series highlights online system improvements

Laptop with York U webpage

In August, the Student Systems Renewal Program (SSRP) launched an open webinar series, in collaboration with the Division of Finance & Administration, focused on a general overview of how it aims to enhance York University’s student, faculty and staff experience through improving online systems and processes.

In the first session in the series – available to watch online – a panel of speakers from the SSRP’s leadership team provided insights into the program’s seven transformational projects, which include: Data Management & Analytics; Enterprise Integration Platform; Government Reporting; Identity & Access Management; Mobile & Portal; New Generation Student Information System; Constituent Relationship Management; and Financial Aid, Awards & Scholarships.

SSRP leadership also shared milestones for projects that have gone live or will go live soon, and spoke to the benefits, timelines and impacts of the two projects planned to go live next – Constituent Relationship Management and the new Financial Aid, Awards & Scholarships solution.

The SSRP’s webinar series will provide insights and updates about new processes, systems and solutions that will work together to improve the student, staff and faculty experience at York. The focus of the series is to ensure faculty and staff have the tools and information they need to effectively perform their administrative and academic work as the SSRP progresses. Future webinars will feature project overviews, including demos and more opportunities for live questions.

For more information about the SSRP and for details about upcoming webinars, visit the SSRP website at yorku.ca/ssrp.