York U in the news: online outrage, the future of fossil fuels and more

Online outrage can benefit brands that take stances on social issues
An op-ed co-written by Schulich School of Business Professor Peter Darke was published in the Conversation Aug. 15.

‘A technological path forward is needed to preserve life and save what we can of the environment’: Tom McElroy
A letter by Lassonde School of Engineering Professor Tom McElroy was published in the Hill Times Aug. 14.

At least six dead after migrant boat capsizes in English Channel
Glendon College Professor Willem Maas was interviewed on Global News Aug. 12.

‘Where were all these programs when I was growing up?’ Mentorship for Black, racialized girls takes off
Melissa McKay, research assistant for the Jean Augustine Chair at York University, was quoted in CBC News Aug. 12.

Got the blues? Study says you should get a good night’s sleep
York University PhD student Emma Sullivan was quoted on MSN.com Aug. 14.

Flooding is a problem. The ‘sponge city’ could be the solution
Lassonde School of Engineering Professor Usman Khan was quoted in CBC News Aug. 14.

Editorial: Sorting through the good, the bad and the plastic
York University waste management research scientist Calvin Lakhan was quoted in the Toronto Sun Aug. 11.

OVO and Justice Fund host Social Justice Summit in Downtown Toronto
Sarah Bay-Cheng, dean of the School of the Arts, Media, Performance and Design at York University, was mentioned in SHIFTER Magazine Aug. 5.

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