York U in the news: gut health research, summer wasp season and more

Manipur violence: Why has India’s government been slow to respond?
An op-ed by York University Professor Jay Ramasubramanyam was published in the Conversation Aug. 8.

Vezina: Police, media have different priorities when it comes to crime
An op-ed by York University instructor Alex Vezina was published in the Toronto Sun Aug. 4.

Regular bedtime may be linked to a healthier gut, study finds
York University Professor Patricia Lakin-Thomas was quoted in Global News Aug. 8.

Why it appears there is an invasion of wasps near summer’s end
York University Professor Amro Zayed was quoted in the Weather Network Aug. 8.

Why this compostable checkout bag will soon be banned, and how some are fighting back
York University research scientist Calvin Lakhan was quoted in CBC News Aug. 6.

Could a black hole devour the universe?
York University Professor Paul Delaney was quoted on MSN.com Aug. 6.

York University scientists are studying Toronto’s air quality amid rise in wildfire smoke
York University Professor Cora Young was quoted and Professor Trevor VandenBoer was mentioned in NOW Toronto Aug. 5.

Markham and Scarborough hot real estate areas
York University was mentioned in the Toronto Sun Aug. 4.

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