York U in the news: Trudeau’s new role, pandemic messaging and more

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau assumes a new role – single dad, just like his own father
An op-ed by York University Professor Thomas Klassen was published in the Conversation Aug. 3.

The illusion and implications of ‘just following the science’ COVID-19 messaging
An op-ed co-written by York University research director Adèle Cassola was published in the Conversation Aug. 2.

York University, international scientists conducting specialized Toronto air quality analysis
York University Professor Cora Young was quoted in City News Aug. 3.

Public Sector Pension Plan members call for Ottawa to fire board director over role with Imperial Oil
York University Professor Richard Leblanc was quoted in the Toronto Star Aug. 2.

Manitoba Hydro expects electricity demand to double over next two decades
York University Professor Mark Winfield was quoted in the Globe and Mail Aug. 2.

Ontario has the worst court delays in the country. Will getting rid of civil jury duty address the issue?
Osgoode Hall Law School Professor and incoming Dean Trevor Farrow was quoted in CTV News Aug. 2.

Hamilton mom says botched immigration process led to ‘horrific’ months-long separation from family
Craig Damian Smith, a research affiliate at the Centre for Refugee Studies at York University, was quoted in CBC News Aug. 3.

Yellowknife’s emergency plans lacks details, needs testing, says emergency preparedness expert
York University Professor Nirupama Agrawal was quoted in CBC News Aug. 2.

Strike three: On-again, off-again port worker’s strike illustrative of larger issues
Osgoode Hall Law School Professor Sara Slinn was quoted in the Kelowna Daily Courier Aug. 2.

This Canadian painting is headed for the moon. It seems like the perfect choice – until you look closer
York University Professor Emeritus Paul Delaney was quoted in the St. Catharines Standard Aug. 3.

Four-day work week shows promising results – but is it for everyone?
Schulich School of Business Professor Winny Shen was quoted in the Canadian HR Reporter Aug. 3.

Overshoot Day: Earth’s resources in one year already swallowed up
York University was mentioned in the Teller Report Aug. 2.

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