UIT offers tips to stay safe on social media

social media smart phone

In a digital age, exercising caution and best judgement on the internet is important.

As an institution that leverages technology to learn, work, collaborate and socialize, the York University Information Technology (UIT) department reminds the community of how to best engage online safely.

Below are tips from UIT to help protect privacy when using social media platforms for personal or professional use.

  1. Review and update privacy settings: This allows you to limit who can view your information. Consider all types of platforms, including payment and music applications.
  2. Use two-factor authentication on all accounts: This helps to protect accounts and data from those who may be trying to steal or misuse them.
  3. Do not share personal information: This includes address/location, special events such as vacation, or a new purchase that criminals may target while you are away.
  4. Avoid using apps that track location: If you choose to allow location data to be shared, only enable access when using the app.
  5. Use unique, strong passwords for each site: Use a unique password for each social media site. Use a strong password that does not include info you may have shared online.
  6. Filter content on platforms you frequently use: These platforms also often offer a way to report inappropriate or hurtful content and block users.
  7. Delete accounts you no longer use: Hackers look for unused accounts they can hijack to use for impersonation. Deleting an app from your device does not remove the account – you must delete the account itself.
  8. Beware of social media phishing: Tailored phishing messages can be made from info taken from social media. Beware of unsolicited messages that can be from fake accounts.

For more information, visit the UIT website or contact a member of the team.