Professor Christo El Morr issues second edition of health informatics book

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A second edition of York University Associate Professor Christo El Morr’s book, the first-of-its kind in Canada, has just been released by publisher Canadian Scholars.

The textbook, Introduction to Health Informatics: A Canadian Perspective, examines the effects of health informatics – the methods and technologies concerned with the study of patient data – on health-care practitioners, patients and policies from a distinctly Canadian perspective.

Christo El Morr SCOOP 2018
Christo El Morr

“Built on the ‘five senses of academic success’ framework, the book is organized in such a way as to engage students in active learning and to discover health informatics by learning from the chapter text, interviews with health professionals, understanding key terms, self-testing using a set of questions, discovering new concepts in reflective activities, and applying the concepts using practical tools,”  said El Morr, from York’s Faculty of Health. 

“I only hope that when interacting with the book content, readers will enjoy this vibrant field,” said El Morr. “A French version of the book is currently in the planning phase.”

El Morr is an associate professor of health informatics, the Health Informatics Certificate coordinator, and former undergraduate program director at the School of Health Policy and Management at York University. He is also a research scientist at North York General Hospital in Toronto.

His research subscribes in an equity informatics perspective; it covers patient-centered virtual care (e.g., chronic disease management, mental health), global health promotion for equity (e.g., equity health promotion), human rights monitoring (e.g., disability rights, gender-based violence), and equity AI (e.g., patient readmission, disability advocacy). 

More information on the book is available here: