Schulich ExecEd partners with York Regional Police to upskill civilian employees, officers

York Regional Police officers standing in a row in ceremonial uniforms

Schulich ExecEd at York University’s Schulich School of Business, in partnership with York Regional Police (YRP), has debuted the Future of Leadership in Policing Program, meant to strengthen the business acumen and leadership skills of sworn and civilian employees.

The Future of Leadership in Policing Program is designed to be highly customizable, in order to ensure synergy with the learner’s current job position, to be driven by organizational values and help professionals identify potential avenues for growth at YRP.

The program is a series of five streams designed to support the various units, job positions and members at YRP, ensuring accessibility to experiential education across the organization. Participants will also have access to this program in a live, virtual format, to enhance the learning experience by providing a further layer of accessibility for those who are remote or in the field.

Each module has been developed with the unique leadership competencies and strategic objectives of York Regional Police for a fully comprehensive, synergized and custom experience for learners. This approach will take participants directly from the classroom back into the working environment. The Future of Leadership in Policing Program was designed with the goal of fostering growth at each career stage, inspiring exemplary leadership knowledge at every level of an individual’s career

“We are excited to announce the Future of Leadership in Policing Program in partnership with York Regional Police,” said Schulich ExecEd Executive Director Rami Mayer. “We are proud to partner with YRP as it addresses the challenges of policing in perhaps the most diverse region of the country and one that serves the community of York University. YRP has recognized that the high standards and values of the police service are reinforced and strengthened by leadership training at all levels of the organization. As such, it is making a significant and important investment in its people.

“We have long held at Schulich ExecEd that leadership values, skills and decision-making capabilities are a continuum from early in-career to senior roles. Leadership behaviours must be demonstrated in different ways across the talent pipeline. York Regional Police has recognized this, and the training provided will be customized and targeted at different job categories and roles, each with their own specific challenges and the respective leadership skills required,” he added.

“The best part of the Future of Leadership in Policing Program is that it was designed with our people at top of mind,” said YRP Chief Jim MacSween. “Our members work in so many different roles and diverse working environments across the region, so it was critical to find education opportunities that were accessible to all.

“Designed to include five unique learning streams and virtual classroom instruction, I’m confident that our partnership with Schulich ExecEd has resulted in a program that puts our people, and their professional and personal development, first,” MacSween continued.

Upon completion of the program, each participant receives a Schulich ExecEd digital micro-credential. At Schulich ExecEd, accelerated reskilling is a way forward allowing professionals to grow their careers, level up for senior roles and enable them to diversify their skillsets, specializations and knowledge.