Groundbreaking work in Faculty of Education will foster positive change

Image shows a group of students working with a professor

Teaching and learning in the Faculty of Education reflects a focus on innovation and improvement in order to both shape and respond to the complexities of education in the 21st century in a principled and informed way.

Dr. Robert Savage
Rob Savage

In this issue of Innovatus, you will read stories about the groundbreaking work that our Faculty is undertaking to challenge the status quo to uncover new possibilities in the advancement of education. This work is grounded in our commitment to the values of social justice, equity, diversity and decolonization with a focus on sustained action for positive change as represented in our new Five-Year Strategic Plan (2023-2027).  

The featured stories are a snippet of our collective successes and achievements as a Faculty and are examples of the ways in which we are infusing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals into our collective work. 

Education is ever-changing, and as a Faculty we are thinking holistically about this dynamism across all of the ideas, innovations, partnerships, sectors and fields we are engaged with, to provide transformative research and teaching and learning experiences for our students as they go on to become future leaders in their communities. 

Rob Savage
Dean, Faculty of Education