York U in the news: stigma by association, child labour laws and more

Why Leaning Into Boredom Is a Superpower
John D. Eastwood, an associate professor and cognitive scientist at York University, was mentioned in InsideHook April 26.

Retired judge to lead Office of Mizhinawe for the Robinson Huron Treaty litigation fund
Alan Ojiig Corbiere, an assistant professor in the History Department at York University, was mentioned in Sootoday.com April 26.

Shaky Ground: How the United States Uses the Law to Steal Indigenous Land
Kent McNeil, a professor emeritus at Osgoode Hall Law School at York University, was cited in In These Times April 26.

Canadian Museums Association Announces 2023 CMA Awards Winners
Anna Hudson, a professor in the School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design at York University, was featured in Yahoo! Finance April 27.

One in three family members of those with serious mental illnesses experience stigma by association: study
Research by Joel Goldberg, a professor in the Department of Psychology at York University, was featured in CTV News April 27.

VEZINA: Loosening child labour laws is a bad idea
Alex Vezina, a professor of disaster and emergency management at York University, was featured in the Toronto Sun April 27.

Sculpture by York professor debuts at Keele and Finch
Brandon Vickerd, an artist and professor of visual arts at York University, was featured in Education News Canada April 28.

AI and Politics: How Will We Know What—and Who—Is Real?
Regina Rini, an associate professor and Canada Research Chair in Philosophy of Moral and Social Cognition at York University, was featured in The Walrus April 27.

Despite dismissal, judge’s decision in youth climate case against Ford government sets crucial precedent
William Van Wijngaarden, a professor of physics at York University, was mentioned in The Pointer April 27.

Tracing your family’s past has become a very present obsession
Julia Creet, a professor of English at York University, was quoted in NewsBit April 27.

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