New GPA Calculator built to support students, staff

Three people looking at a laptop screen

York University students can officially access the newly launched York Grade Point Average (GPA) Calculator, which helps students stay informed about their current grades and plan for future studies.

This new, easy-to-use calculator, which launched April 24, pulls information directly from student information systems and helps undergraduate students (and most Schulich graduate programs) calculate their GPA with ease.

The tool offers two interactive modes: the GPA Calculator mode, which automatically pulls grades from completed courses; and the Target GPA mode, which allows students to input and proactively plan for their desired GPA. This tool can be used along with other resources and supports that are provided to students in class, such as eClass, syllabi and more.

The calculator was created in response to feedback from the advising community, who highlighted the need for a central GPA calculator tool. The Office of the University Registrar’s records unit worked with the registrar’s systems teams and faculty members to plan and develop the pan-University tool, with inspiration and support from the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies (LA&PS) and their version of the calculator tool.

“Having a central tool that all students can use, at any time, that is available centrally is part of service excellence” says Frankie Billingsley, associate registrar and director, student records and scheduling. “It has been a treat to execute on a project that came as a result of feedback from our colleagues in the advising community.”

Especially useful for new students, the York GPA Calculator supports students in becoming familiar with the GPA system and encourages proactive planning for academic success. Terms of reference are also provided to explain acronyms and other academic terminology.

Students are reminded, however, that the York GPA Calculator is a planning tool and not an official record of grades. Students can request official and unofficial records through the York Transcript webpage.

“This is a very insightful instrument,” says Mary Riccardi, senior undergraduate advisor in the School of the Arts, Media, Performance and Design (AMPD). “This will allow students to monitor their academic progress.”

Explore this new tool and all that it has to offer by visiting the York GPA Calculator website to learn more.